Why I Set Annual Goals, How I Measure Them, and What I’m Going to Tweak Next Year

Each January I start working on a new list of goals. I’ve been following some semblance of this routine for over a decade now, but I’ll admit it has assumed more of an official structure since I jumped on the Gretchen Rubin bandwagon. The last few years she and her sister, Elizabeth Craft, have been … Continue reading “Why I Set Annual Goals, How I Measure Them, and What I’m Going to Tweak Next Year”

Six Things on Saturday

Our first round of overnight company (my brother, his wife + my parents) pulled out of the driveway 30 minutes ago. The laundry machine is humming, the kids – weary from adventures – have embraced screen time, and I’m heaving a contented sigh. The week had some ups and downs; this seems to be the … Continue reading “Six Things on Saturday”

I Won’t Play On The Men’s Olympic Hockey Team (On Limitations)

I’ve reflected on a specific moment – and the revelatory thought it brought about – dozens of times over the last decade. Here it is: I will never play for the Canadian Men’s Olympic Hockey Team. I have never been athletically inclined. This is an understatement. You know how movies often portray an awkward kid … Continue reading “I Won’t Play On The Men’s Olympic Hockey Team (On Limitations)”

Update: Outside Walks (Almost Every Day)

Yesterday marked the 170th day of 2022. And, on 168 of those, I have walked at least 1 km outside. People could do it, conceivably for years, without any concentrated effort: think farmers or dog owners. So while I don’t consider my “streak” any grand achievement, it has been a subtle constant in my life … Continue reading “Update: Outside Walks (Almost Every Day)”

Casual Friday + We’re Home

There’s a lot to unpack – literally in terms of sand-filled clothing and proverbially in terms of memories – from our trip to South Carolina. We arrived home in the wee hours this morning. It was incredible to see family and we loved soaking up every ray of delightful Carolina sunshine (though, despite best efforts … Continue reading “Casual Friday + We’re Home”

Casual Friday + A Week of Mondays

At times over the last 7 days, it felt like I was living through a week of Mondays. But let’s start off with some excellent news: the kitchen plumbing has been fixed and it has been wonderful to hear the dishwasher whirring or to hand-wash dishes in the sink and have all the water disappear … Continue reading “Casual Friday + A Week of Mondays”

Casual Friday + NYC Recommendations?

Another week and, as usual, I’m glad it’s Friday. It was a productive (and largely enjoyable) week. But still, the relief and sense of expansive freedom provided by Friday evenings just can’t be replicated. My (admittedly superficial) highlight of the week? We got Wordle in two tries. Our family celebration would rival any touchdown dance … Continue reading “Casual Friday + NYC Recommendations?”