Hi. I’m Elisabeth with an ‘s’. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Pull up a chair, brew yourself a cup of something delicious and stay awhile.

Awkwardly unfunny I’ve, ironically and providentially, married the funniest man alive. Seriously. Don’t be surprised if he gets a Netflix special. One of his life missions is to make me laugh and he succeeds every day.

I’m called Mama by two of the most spirited, spunky (read also: loud) and lovable children imaginable, and am a redeemed daughter of God.

Lover of good books, art museums, old sitcoms, afternoon naps, and peanut butter & banana on homemade toast, sushi (extra ginger and wasabi please), and cherry cheesecake. Hmmm. I may be very passionate about good food.

Nostalgic to a fault, I enjoy smelling books (a habit from my father) and put salt on my watermelon (thanks, Mom). Borderline Type A, yet my floors always need sweeping and I begrudgingly use my iron once a year.

When I’m not eating or reading, I’m most happy exploring this beautiful world with my family.