Cape Sable | accessible by boat; tallest lighthouse in Nova Scotia

Peggy’s Cove | photogenic darling of Nova Scotia; nature’s jungle gym

White Point Beach Resort | upscale rustic; adorable bunnies, white sand, and pounding surf

Cape Saint Mary’s | maritime memorial; gorgeous cliff-top views

Cape Forchu | iconic apple core lighthouse; lots of climbing potential

Nova Scotia Lighthouses Part 1 | selection of Nova Scotia’s (lesser-known) guiding lights

Nova Scotia Lighthouses Part 2 | more of Nova Scotia’s (lesser-known) guiding lights

Cape Split | gorgeous wooded hike; your reward = breathtaking vistas

Cape Breton + Cabot Trail | world-famous drive; cliffs, winding highway, one-of-a-kind views.

Cape Breton’s Skyline Trail | popular hike; provides great perspective of the Cabot Trail

Castle Rock | groomed trail + panoramic views of the Chester Basin

Medford Beach | stunning rock formations; mud-lovers dream

toronto/NeW York City Roadtrip

Frost Family Roadtrip Days 1-4 | Wolfville – Toronto

Frost Family Roadtrip Day 5 | Toronto (Graffiti Alley, Centre Island, St. Lawrence Market)

Frost Family Roadtrip Days 6-8a | Toronto (City Hall, Eaton Centre, Ripley’s Aquarium) – Barrie

Frost Family Roadtrip Days 8b-9 | Toronto (Night Skyline, Art Gallery)

Frost Family Roadtrip Day 10 | Toronto – NYC (Niagara Falls, The Border, & A Rooftop Pool)

Frost Family Roadtrip Day 11 | Midtown NYC (Chocolate, Rain, LEGO, and Some Tears)

Frost Family Roadtrip Day 12 | Lower Manhattan (Brooklyn Bridge, Staten Island & Broadway)

Frost Family Roadtrip Day 13 | Uptown Manhattan (Natural History, Central Park & Harry Potter)


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