Casual Friday + Love of the Week

  1. We remain in the midst of a province-wide lockdown. As spring edges closer to summer, we’re plodding along through online learning and gathering restrictions. It’s going…okay. I think it’s safe to say we’re all weary, but it is encouraging to see the new caseload tick lower.
  2. I had the chance to talk with Laura Vanderkam about her upcoming book, Tranquility by Tuesday. I had participated in some research surveys related to content for her next book and she was interested in interviewing me further over the phone. Hearing her voice was – exhilarating. I can’t wait until 2022 when her book hits the shelves; maybe I’ll make a cameo?
  3. Last weekend we had a turkey dinner with all the fixings. To make things even more memorable, we went all out with a Christmas-in-May celebration. I dug out some random Christmas decorations, pumped Bing Crosby through the Google speakers, and the kids woke to the delicious scent profile that signals Christmas in the Frost household: cinnamon coffee cake, bacon, and eggs. Yum. A small gift for everyone helped add to the excitement. So often this type of thing falls flat. I’m happy to report this particular event was well received and the vibes of Christmas joy really did permeate the day.

Love of the week. Our local library. During the start of COVID lockdowns in March 2020, our library closed for all services. For months our winter-themed picture books (that I couldn’t return) served as a depressing reminder of lockdown. As someone who visits the library weekly, and usually has 100+ books on my holds list (really), this was a big deal.

Finding ourselves back in the midst of a full lockdown has been discouraging, but the library immediately made the switch to curbside pickup. Smiling librarians have already delivered two huge bags of reading material and it just makes me so happy.

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