Destination Nova Scotia: Medford Beach

One of the things that continually blows my mind is our proximity to drop-dead gorgeous places here in Nova Scotia. Take Medford Beach. I’ve driven past these rock formations for years, and the potential scale and sheer awesomeness simply did not register. Last summer, when the kids were both blissfully engaged for an entire day, John and I drove the twenty minutes from home to Medford. Minds blown. This stunning backdrop to the Bay of Fundy has been right on our proverbial doorstep all these years?

It didn’t hurt we arrived on the most beautiful day imaginable – no wind, a brilliant blue sky skidded with white, wispy clouds. Reminiscent of another world, I wouldn’t be surprised to have it scouted for the next Star Wars movie.

The long-range view isn’t half bad either; a quick glance over your shoulder and you’re looking at Blomidon Provincial Park – which isn’t exactly hard on the eyes.

It just goes to show that Nova Scotia still has lots of hidden – or, in our case, not so hidden – gems to offer. Check the tide table (the base of the formations are completely submerged at high tide; timing is everything for this trip), grab a set of old sneakers (or anything but flip-flops – those rocks are slippery) and happy exploring.

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