The End of An Era. Period.

If all goes to plan, my last period has come and gone. It was awful, which seemed like a fitting way to end 20+ years of issues. Some quick calculator work suggests I’ve survived about 260 periods in my life. Somehow that number seems small to me, like I expected it to be in the 1000s?

My hysterectomy is scheduled for later this week and while I’m starting to feel nervous (gulp!), I’m also confident surgery is the right decision.

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, I’m pausing to give thanks for this body of mine. For all its flaws, it is fearfully and wonderfully made. It gave birth to life – literally! It nurtured and developed two beautiful (exhausting) babies who have become beautiful (and, frequently, exhausting) children.

More generally, this body has seen and experienced some truly incredible things. But now it’s time to move forward. Here’s to saying goodbye to one era and embracing what’s to come…


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  1. I’m wishing you an eventless surgery and speedy recovery, and that it may help you with the health issues as expected ❤️

  2. Oh, good luck with the surgery Elisabeth. I will be thinking of you. Here’s to no more periods! *raises coffee cup* May this be the start of a new era, one in which you don’t have to deal with such pain and one that will be good for your sleep, energy, etc. Speedy recovery my friend!!

  3. I’m sending you good wishes for your surgery and recovering after. I was able to reduce issues with a different route (one I know you tried and I wish had also worked for you). Getting the relief through this will make a difference. Sending you hugs and gentleness with yourself as you rest and recover.

    1. Thanks, Shelly.
      Yes, I met a friend for coffee today and I was expressing the slight horror I’m feeling at having to make such a big decision – “It’s not like I’m going in for a haircut and things will grow back” I said, but she rightly (and kindly) pointed out that I have tried just about every other option and they have all failed miserably. So here I am! And I’m thankful it’s an option.
      Onward and upward…

  4. Hoping your surgery goes smoothly and that you recuperate quickly– and you embrace your new life of freedom from periods. I think you’re going to like it.

    1. I think I’m going to like it too, @AllyBean! There really aren’t many redeeming qualities to periods for me at this point in life…

  5. The end of any phase is bittersweet, but it sounds like you’re not sad to say goodbye to periods! Good luck- i hope the surgery goes well and you recover quickly. Here’s to a new era!

    1. It feels odd to call it bittersweet, but it is! I mean, I hate periods, but there is something strange about thinking through dramatically and FOREVER altering my body. But what a privilege to be able to make this choice. To live in a developed country with doctors and FREE surgery/followup. I don’t have to look very hard to find a laundry list of blessings…

  6. I’m sending you all the good thoughts and prayers! I hope your recovery goes as smoothly as possible! My sister had a full hysterectomy almost 2 years ago and she said she wished she had done it sooner as the recovery was not bad and she put up with a lot of pain/discomfort/issues that I think are similar to yours for far too long in the fear that surgery would be awful.

    Yay for no more periods and hopefully much much better health/less exhaustion to come!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I’ve heard several women say the same thing: Best decision I ever made and wish I had made it earlier. I really hope that’s my long-term response. I think having a few jitters is normal (?) but at the end of the day what a privilege to be able to make this decision and to have access to a medical team to capably do the surgery.
      Thanks for the well-wishes <3

  7. Fingers crossed the surgery goes well and that you get some much needed relief! I’ll be thinking of you and wishing for a lightning fast recovery!

  8. I am sure the surgery will go well, but I can imagine the emotional part of it letting go part of your body. hope recovery is fast.

  9. Awwww! Look at those precious little bundles! Your body did that!!! Amazing!

    I wish you a smooth and effective surgical experience, and a smooth and quick recovery. I am also sending you hugs for the complex emotions that must arise from saying goodbye to your childbearing phase of life and hello to a new phase (one that is hopefully free of pain and other symptoms!!!). Sending you good thoughts and lots of love. xoxo

    1. I know – eh?! They were soooo tiny. What happened to those little babies? They are both going to be taller than me in no time.

      And thanks for the well-wishes <3

  10. Hoping everything goes smoothly with the surgery!
    I really appreciate how open you are with sharing about your health.
    Those little squishes are so adorable. Sometimes I just stare and stare at my kids’ newborn pictures and I can’t even fathom how those little bundles are the walking, talking, sassy beings that inhabit my house.

    1. Thanks, Diane!
      And yes – it really is incredible how complete the transformation can be from helpless, snuggly infants to children who will soon be taller than me. Gah. Thankfully, there are still glimpses of babyhood in them yet, but those glimpses are fewer and farther between.

  11. Gorgeous baby photos. Our bodies are amazing aren’t they. I do hope your surgery goes smoothly and wishing you a good recovery. I do hope it brings with it the future that you want and need.

  12. Reading this after knowing that it was postponed I feel even more sorry for you.
    And I feel you when you say you calculated the time you had your period. When I had my first one I did calculate how many I was going to have and was surprised that the number was so low. Still I hated it every time.

    1. It was shocking how few periods I have actually had…guess I have a few more to survive than I anticipated earlier in the week, but I can do it!

  13. I’m just catching up on blog posts. Hope everything went smoothly for the surgery and that your recovery is more painless than your periods have been. Sorry you’ve had to go through so much for so long, and I’m hoping that this will provide significant relief to your life.

    1. Whomp, whomp. I tested positive for COVID and haven’t had the surgery yet. Such is life. Onward and upward?!

  14. Since I am commenting so late (I am sorry!), I hope the surgery went well (I hope to find out when I catch up on the rest of your posts!) and that things will get much easier from here on out.
    Women’s bodies are truly amazing (your two beautiful children are proof!), but they can also wreck a lot of havoc with hormones and all and you had more than your fair share of trouble!

    1. A woman’s body is incredible, but boy it sure can come with lots of annoying issues. As you now know, my surgery was postponed because of a positive COVID test, but the finish line is still in sight!

  15. Of course I know the outcome of this (NOT what you wanted). But oh, I am so hopeful that your doc will advocate for you to be moved faaaar up the list of cancellation options. I can’t help but think that someone else will be in the same boat (hello, winter) and as much as I hate the idea of someone else having to postpone THEIR surgery, if it gets you in earlier… well, I can’t argue with that. <3
    Your body is amazing – those two amazing, exhausting humans are proof! But that part of you has done its job. <3 <3

    1. Thanks, Anne. I had a call from my OB this week and she has officially put my case file with a colleague so there is definitely a chance this will get done before May. If not, at least I have a date that is quasi-solidified for next spring and that alone feels hopeful.

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