Favourite vs Preferred Colour

Around the time I turned twenty, I settled on the fact purple was my favourite colour. I’m not sure how I came to this determination, but I really do love a deep, rich plum colour. I also like pretty shades of lilac, too. In fact, for the most part, I don’t think you can go wrong with purple.

But the irony? I own almost no purple items. Until John bought me bright purple Crocs for Christmas, I didn’t own a single piece of purple clothing (I recently acquired a pair of black shorts with a purple accent, but they were handed down from a sister, so that hardly counts). My Yeti is teal. My coat is hot pink. Almost all our walls are grey. The main accent colours in our house are burnt-yellow and blue. My phone case is floral, my laptop cover is a marbled pink. My favourite mugs are blue and brown.

No purple.

But, yet, I still consider purple to be my favourite colour. When I was shopping for fall mums a few weeks ago I found some very “happy” looking yellow/orange plants. Orange is probably my least favourite colour. So the friend I was shopping with asked about my favourite colour. I responded Purple, and she pointed across the field to some beautiful purple mums. I bought two pots full of these delightful blooms. So, at least temporarily, I have something that’s purple…

Over the years I have owned some dark purple exercise shirts, and I wouldn’t turn down a purple notebook or some small accessory, but I’m never drawn to buying purple items. I wouldn’t buy a purple car or paint my front door purple or use purple throw cushions on my couch.

Is that weird?

What about you. Does your favourite colour line up with your preferred colour for material items like clothing or furniture or wall colours?

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    1. You do get it! I also love robin’s egg blue. I saw someone paint a ceiling in that colour as an accent once and thought it was just about the most cheerful, whimsical thing I’d ever seen.

  1. Ha! Purple is also my favorite color, followed quite closely by orange. I own a lot of purple items – my fall/winter coats, my yoga mat, and lots of tshirts in purple. It’s also one of the school colors for the university where my husband teaches, so we have a lot of random swag around the house in purple. My undergrad alma mater’s colors are orange and brown and I also have a surprising amount of orange. I try to go out of my way to surround myself with these colors because they make me happy. Over the upcoming weekend, I am going to decorate for Halloween and one of the main decorations are rope lights that go around the pillars on our front porch and the lights are, naturally, purple and orange!

    1. I think it’s great you “go out of your way” to surround yourself with items in your favourite colours! Purple and orange decorations sound very fun and festive.

  2. Same. I love purple, but I can think of one purple shirt I own. I did paint my daughter’s nursery/bedroom in purple though, and she loves purple, so I can live vicariously through her.

    1. We have definitely gone with very neutral wall colours (but do have lots of pops of colour via art). I want to be someone that wants bright walls…but I really am not.

  3. Purple is also my favorite colors, and I have TONS of stuff in purple. In fact a few years ago I shifted to buying more blue/teal stuff instead of purple because I could have been head-to-toe in it and looked a bit silly. I have a purple backpack, purse, shirts, sweatshirts, headphones, ipad case, shoes, etc etc. All of my clothes are either purple, green, blue, or black/grey. Everything goes together!

    1. Another lover of purple!
      I think your wardrobe sounds very fun. I tend to prefer neutrals in my wardrobe, too (especially since I don’t own many clothes and neutrals are less obvious when you wear the same thing frequently, as I do!) – but maybe I’ll make it a goal to incorporate a bit more purple in 2023?!

  4. Ok, first of all, I have to say, my favorites colors are purple and teal and my least favorite is orange. (High five!)
    It’s not weird, per se, but I am surprised your favorite colors isn’t reflected in wardrobe or accent choices… but I do think you have a point that your favorite color doesn’t have to be your preferred color.

    I have some teal accents in my home, but I would never pick purple accents (for whatever reason). I do own a couple of purple/magenta clothing items, though.
    In general, I like more muted/neutral colors for home décor and furnishings.

  5. My favorite color has really morphed over the years. I’ve always liked pink, but the shade of pink has changed. Now I would say I like a more pale blush pink but I would NEVER wear that. It was one of our wedding colors, though, as our decor was navy and blush pink and most of the paper goods were a beautiful blush pink. My clothing is generally navy, black, and I own lots of striped shirts. I have olive skin so a light pink does not look good on me. I look best in darker colors or a bright pink. But I think I’ve morphed to preferring navy over pink now. So the cover for my planner is navy blue. So I must internalize the need for my favorite color to be reflected in what I am purchasing!

    When it comes to decor, though, I prefer neutrals. We have greige walls and our bedding is gray stripes. I used to like bolder colors when I was young but now I’m all about the neutrals. Oh and I had our window seat re-upholstered in navy when we bought our house. My mom is making pillows for it so it will be a cozier, most used space but I basically gave her free reign to pick out the fabric because I knew she’d do a great job and I really didn’t care all that much! So I think there are some florals and some solids. But the pop of color from the florals will look nice in that space.

    1. I definitely gravitate toward darker clothes; forest green, black…I’m quite fair skinned and light colours seem to wash me out.

      We are very neutral with wall colour and furniture but then have some bright pops of colour via art on the walls.

      That window seat sounds so fun! A reader’s dream.

  6. Well, I’ll chime in that purple is my favorite color as well! Funny how many people commented the same. And, here’s a little story. Years ago I was painting a hallway in our house, and my daughter complained that the walls of our house are too “boring” (ie neutral colors) and requested that I paint that hallway purple. So I picked a shade called “Almost Purple” thinking, how purple could it really be? Well, turns out it is VERY purple and I’ve regretted it ever since. So I guess purple is kind of a funny color to be your favorite- you don’t want a purple house, or car, or too much purple clothing. Hmmm! I may have to think about this.

    1. I would LOVE a purple car. Honestly, if it wasn’t inappropriate for the time period of our house, I would love the exterior of our house to be purple. Unfortunately, my husband is not in agreement with me, so I’m stuck with boring white everything.

      1. We have several bright purple house exteriors in our town; and someone in our neighbourhood just painted their door a lilac purple. I have to admit that it looks a bit jarring to me as much as I like purple, but it still makes me smile each time I walk by because the owners must really like purple!!!

        I am definitely a big fan of white/black and other neutrals. How boring, I know…

    2. “Almost Purple” sounds like it “Very Definitely Purple.”

      Another purple paint story: when we painted our basement walls I agonized for MONTHS over the best shade of grey. I spent hours reading comments about what had purple vs. yellow vs. green undertones etc. We eventually went with one called Cement Grey and when the painter called me down to see it finished my first reaction was: “It looks so…purple.” Over time I stopped seeing the purple undertone, but my first impression was very strong that it looked purple!

  7. My favorite colour has always been red, but I actually find it quite difficult to find red clothes that I like; everything is in such muted/ neutral colours these days. I do have a red hat and a red cardigan and a red windbreaker and I was married in a pair of red patent leather pumps. I used to have a pair of red skinny pants, and the day those ceased to fit was very sad indeed. If I’m looking for something and it comes in red, I will definitely consider it.
    I wonder if red would be too strong a colour for me for interior décor? I don’t see a whole lot of red in home accessories, so I can’t really tell. Though our front door is red – maybe subconsciously one of the reasons I was drawn to this house?

    My kids’ bedroom is purple and teal – The ten year old picked the teal and then the purple was in the “oops!” section of Home Depot. I think it’s a lot of fun.

  8. My favorite colors, both for clothes and home decor, have changed over the years as my hair has changed color along the way. Sometimes naturally, often thanks to a new stylist who has put a different shade on it.

    At one time I loved purple, my hair was almost platinum blonde then. There were a few burgundy years in there, then my denim blue years– again based on what looked good on me. Now as my hair is gronde [gray + blonde, a real term stylists use btw] I like teal.

    Not sure if my approach to color makes me shallow, but there you have it!

    1. Doesn’t sound shallow at all! It makes a lot of sense; I definitely dress for colours that make me look less washed out (especially in the winter I can look SO pale and light colours make me look sickly) and tend toward “fall” colours.

      I’ve never heard of “gronde” before, but it makes sense!

  9. Hmm, I am TERRIBLE at claiming “favorites” for anything- like, if I had to fill out one of those lists for a magazine or something with your “favorite color, movie, food, book” etc., I would be completely frozen and paralyzed, unable to proceed. Hahahaha! I really do not have a favorite color. I do have some colors that I like to wear- purple is on that list but ONLY if it’s more of a deep plum color. I do not really like a bright purple at all. In fact, I think I kind of dis-like the average purple. I do really like the deeper purple/mauve type color on me. I have a tank top in that color and I really like how it looks on me. I also actually do really love orange! But again- has to be a certain shade. I like how a deep burnt orange color looks on me a lot, too. Our house has a lot of “warm/ earth tones”- including some deep orange accents that I really like. People often comment when they come into our house how “warm” it feels. (Due to the warm tones, I’m sure!) It decorates up wonderfully for fall and Halloween, as a result. 😉 Otherwise, for decor we like greys/whites and I love the combo of grey/white/yellow. Asher’s room has that color scheme as well as our basement guest room. But I like many different colors, depending on what it is. I have a very hard time deciding what color to order, say, my planner in, or something that I’ll use a lot….. it just depends on my mood!

    1. I’m not a huge fan of light purple (it’s nice enough), but a rich plum is just…so gorgeous! Ironically, today on the walk home from school I saw TWO purple vehicles, including a Honda pilot which just seems like a very strange vehicle to come in purple!

      I’m not a fan of orange and don’t own a single thing that is orange! That said, I don’t really like yellow that much either but we have a LOT of burnt yellow accents in our house which I do love. Go figure.

  10. I am with Kae I am terrible at choosing favourites. If you were to look in my wardrobe you would think it was a shade of blue but if you look at the walls of my house it would be more difficult. Every room is a different colour and its all pretty bold. My kitchen has red walls (there is not much wall showing so it is more of an accent colour if that makes sense?), my living room is a pale pink colour that is the same as plaster. The hall/stairs is a pale-ish yellow, We have chimney breasts in nearly every room which are a darker accent colour to match the wall colour. The colours all match and flow from one room to the next.

    1. Your description sounds lovely! I love the idea of a colourful house. I’m not sure why I really enjoy the calming effect of neutral walls, but we do have lots of pops of colour from artwork. But still…something about what you’re describing does give me pangs of envy!

  11. I realized my favorite and preferred color somehow line up and change throughout life. In a young age it was yellow. During my teens and early twenties it was red and shades of hot pink and coral. with a few year of lavender and now it is blues. Not sure why that is.
    But with all this change I wouldn’t say they are different.

    1. My favourite colours have shifted, but now I can’t even remember what I would have labeled as my favourite colour before purple. Blue, maybe?

  12. My favorite color has been navy for years. But I also like grey, and cream, when paired with grey in, say, a piece of furniture. (Note: I’m talking medium-light grey, not super-dark-almost-black grey…)
    But I mostly wear black and grey.
    Occasional forest green.
    Occasional white shirts.
    But mostly black and grey. 🙂
    (I think I’m the most boring person here…)

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