Celebrating Little Victories

About a month ago I enjoyed two different small – but exciting – “victories”. On both occasions I was out of the house when I received the news and both times I immediately (and gleefully) texted John who responded enthusiastically and joined me in celebration. One reply included a “Woot woot!!” with double exclamation marks.

I could have easily acknowledged these little tidbits and moved on with my day. My “successes” were almost embarrassingly insignificant, but I was excited, so why not amplify my joy in the moment by sharing the news, while also framing it as a cause for celebration?

I have no problem exaggerating the weight of negative things in life, so why not disproportionately celebrate the good, too?

So three cheers for the little things – because victories come in all shapes and sizes.

Your turn. Do you make a point of celebrating little victories? Does any specific event come to mind?

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18 thoughts on “Celebrating Little Victories”

  1. Yes, I’m all for it! Celebrate everything you can! Like you said, it’s so easy to focus on the negative things in life- but good things are happening all the time. We have to make the most of them. (Ha ha… as I was writing this comment I saw something moving and realized there was a FROG in our house??? I sprung into action, caught him and got him safely outside- victory!)

  2. We celebrate ALL victories regardless of size. A recent one? My husband found baby bok choy at our grocery [it is there intermittently] so it’ll be chicken lo mein for dinner tonight. Big win!

  3. I’ve been reading Tiny Habits and the author B.J. Fogg says that self-congratulatory celebrating is an important part of cementing habits. Like when you remember to floss, reinforce it by having a celebratory gesture. And then he lists all the possible ways of celebrating – things like a fist pump or audibly saying “Hooray!”, or doing a dance, or imagining a roaring crowd. I really like the idea, but for some reason I feel a little self conscious celebrating myself, even if no one notices, even though I like celebrating other people.

    1. This is such a fun idea and I have gone and put a hold on this book at the library! It sounds like something that would be very much up my alley!

    2. Okay, this made me giggle. Picturing myself fist pumping and shouting “hooray!” after flossing my teeth cracks me up. I would feel quite ridiculous doing that, but, I can also see how it would boost my spirits and probably make me laugh out loud- and feel pretty fantastic about having flossed my teeth!

  4. In our family, we celebrate our tiny victories with milkshakes. My kids find a million reasons to get milkshakes– my 5 year old learned to swim across the pool without his floaties? Milkshakes! My 13 year old got 0 wrong on her algebra lesson? Milkshakes! My oldest took a class in Halloween mask making and did great with it? Milkshakes! It has become such a special family tradition and hopefully we are building happy memories as well as acknowledging the little but important moments of success.

    1. A milkshake sounds like an absolutely delightful way to celebrate! My kids would love this sort of celebration. It reminds me of someone who discussed celebrating 1/2 birthdays with their kids. They would put a single candle in a cupcake and say they needed to “practice blowing out candles.” We have so many opportunities to make ordinary moments or days a little more whimsical and special.

      Thanks for sharing about your celebratory milkshakes. Love this <3

      1. “Practice blowing out candles” – this is a delightful idea!
        I used to really resist the idea of rewarding kids with treats when they did something well, – It felt like I was bribing them to get good grades or what not. But lately I re-framed it as “celebrating” rather than rewarding and this makes it seem less bribe-y tactic and more of a family bonding activity. When we celebrate, it is a family event and everyone gets a milkshake!

        1. Re-framing does SO much!!! And it is also key, too, that everyone celebrates together! Not just one person gets “rewarded” – it’s a joint celebration. Love this.

  5. I do more of this since having kids but I still have room for improvement! If you don’t note the small victories, they can just kind of go by unobserved. I definitely need more celebrations in my life in general!

  6. I absolutely agree – we should celebrate everything, even the little victories, maybe especially (!) the little victories. It helps us remind ourselves that there’s always little highlights throughout our days/weeks that we’d otherwise dismiss looking at the big picture.

    Woot, woot! 🙂

  7. I love this idea of celebrating the little victories. I know that some people create a “wins of the day” list when they feel like they haven’t accomplished anything during the day… I’ve considered doing so, as there are definitely days (I suspect we all have them…) when, at the end of the day, I question what I did to actually put some good into the world.
    So I love this, and the idea of SHARING it! Celebrate! The people who love you like to see you succeed… )

    1. Love this – “Wins of the Day.” I don’t think I’ve heard of that phrase, specifically, but it’s genuis.
      I do keep a master “Ta-Da” list in my planner and I note things over the course of the year that weren’t necessarily on my annual goals list but that I’m glad to have accomplished. For example, this winter, I finally had a red vein on my forehead treated by the dermatologist. It was $115 all-in; took three sessions and it’s gone! And that spot had bugged me for YEARS (and would sometimes bleed if I washed my face too firmly – ugh). But now it’s a Ta-Da!

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