Life Hack: Would This Be Easier with Multiples?

I don’t particularly enjoy spending money and often deliberate over decisions ad nauseam in an attempt to maximize my returns. I’m also a big fan of de-cluttering and have realized (for me at least) the easiest way to maintain a clean-ish house is to have less stuff.

But sometimes, it helps to buy more. Specifically, multiples. For example, I keep:

  • a toothbrush in both upstairs and downstairs bathrooms.
  • a set of scissors, a roll of tape, and several pens in (almost) every room. I think it is nearly impossible to have too many sets of scissors in a home.
  • a bag of swimming towels, a change of clothes, and extra sunscreen in the trunk of my car.

I sleep better with white noise and have a device that provides some form of white noise in every bedroom of the house (and a Google Speaker in our living room for an insomnia-driven couch stay).

You might want to consider having:

  • multiple charging cables for phones/laptops and leaving them in designated locations – permanently.
  • a plunger and toilet brush for each bathroom.
  • an extra snowsuit for young children (I never was able to dry the gear fast enough between trips outside and there isn’t much less appealing than wrestling a child into a cold, wet snowsuit).
  • a tube of lip balm, small pad of paper and a pen for every purse/tote/bookbag.
  • an extra set of keys for the car, mailbox, and house.
  • a box of Kleenex in every room.

My father uses pharmacy-grade reading glasses and owns multiple sets: one for the table, one by his reading chair, one for the bedside table, one for his workbench in the garage (unfortunately, he does still constantly seem to be looking for a pair).

I don’t sweat much when I exercise, so tend to re-use most of my gear across multiple workouts (with plenty of time for a load of laundry). But I loath reusing my sports bra. Since I exercise every day, the math is pretty obvious. I sourced half a dozen sports bras from a local consignment store and no longer have to scrounge for one in the bottom of the laundry basket.

Less is more...until it’s not. Sometimes life would be more streamlined with the right items in the right place. This might look big (two cars, instead of one) or small (a pair of sneakers that stays by the treadmill, an extra bathing suit). Where could having more of something make life easier or more pleasant?

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