(More) Things I Wish I Liked (or Loved)

I’m back again with another round of Things I Wish I Liked (or Loved). This is not to be confused with Things I Know I Love (an important flip side to consider).

After all…everybody’s good at/interested in something and nobody’s good at/interested in everything.

more things i wish i liked

  • Strong coffee. I think it would be nice to enjoy strong (black) coffee. Earlier this spring I had a coffee that could have stripped varnish. The person who prepared said coffee downed her cup contentedly and I remembered, yet again, how much I dislike strong coffee.
  • Herbal tea. Let’s stick with the warm beverage theme for a minute. I’ve tried – really tried – to like herbal teas. I just don’t like them. Peppermint, lemon, chamomile, peach. Ick. They make a great caffeine-free option, but I don’t enjoy them.
  • Company (that sleeps over). I love my family (and non-family guests) but I’m always uptight when company comes to stay. It’s like I no longer feel at home in my own house when someone else is under my roof. I don’t sleep well, I never know how long I need to stay up with the guests in the evening, I worry about the timing of meals. It never feels appropriate to be in my pajamas by 7:30 pm, but that’s exactly what I want to do. Everything just feels slightly…off. Are the visits great? Yes. Do I love being surrounded by people I love? Yes. Do I want people to come visit me? Yes, yes, yes. Am I almost always ready for visitors to leave? Yes. I have an acquaintance that LOVES to have people in her home. She has even gone out of her way to have someone in her space long-term. This is not me, but I kinda wish it were?
  • Hills. I hate hills. Some people see them as a challenge and great addition to their workout, but I genuinely dislike hills when walking/running.
  • Playing sports. I am uncoordinated and unathletic (for sports at least). I love the idea of belonging to a women’s soccer league or playing volleyball with the kids in the backyard, but it is definitely not in my suite of talents.
  • Gardening. I wish I liked gardening. I love the aesthetic of a nicely landscaped yard, but have no desire to do these things myself.
  • Talking on the phone. I would prefer to exclusively text/e-mail (or see someone in person) – I don’t like talking on the phone. But I know there are some special people in my life who DO enjoy/prefer this mode of communication, so I wish I liked it more, especially for their sake.

Your turn. Anything you wish you liked (or loved). Do you enjoy black/strong coffee, hills, overnight company, and working up a sweat in your local recreational soccer league?

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24 thoughts on “(More) Things I Wish I Liked (or Loved)”

  1. Coffee- smells so good, tastes like bitter poison. Yogurt- the texture-ugh. Sewing, knitting, and other hand crafts. Meeting new people – I’m very awkward and it takes me a long time to be comfortable with someone new.
    Herbal teas have no appeal for me either- they remind me of water dripping from soggy grass clippings. I’ll just drink black tea or just warm water instead.

    1. I like “weak” coffee with oat milk creamer, but black? Ugh.
      I do enjoy yogurt. I have no draw toward learning how to knit but I wish I COULD because it seems like such a nice, relaxing (and yet productive) task.
      I’m an introvert and, in general, really struggle with meeting new people. I know I come across as cold/distant sometimes, but it is more of a social paralysis (especially depending on the context of where I’m meeting new people). It never ceases to amaze me how effortless (or at least it looks effortless) this is for some people.
      Soggy grass clippings = you’ve summarized my thoughts on herbal tea exactly with that statement!

  2. This post! YES to so many of these. I love a good strong coffee although I do put oat milk in mine (I never drink it black) but when I make it at home, I don’t make it that strong usually. When we do a would your rather give up coffee or chocolate – that is the hardest choice for me! I’m meh on herbal teas. The best flavour for me is cinnamon – I can’t find one anymore that I loved but that is about it. I’m with @mbmom11, so many of them taste like grass!
    I find it so awkward to have people in my house. My mom is about the only one who wouldn’t blink an eye at my quirks but anyone else? I find that hard.
    We unfortunately have a dying birch tree in our front yard. This year I will need to let it go (I love birch trees). I don’t do flowers (the deer eat them anyway – yes I live in a city but with enough forest areas that we have deer that walk down our street everyday). I always joke we just need a sign hanging on one chain, creaking in the wind and that would be the look of your front yard. I do need to tend to some weeds that are tying to take over but I do not enjoy digging in the dirt.
    I will enjoy my coffee and thank you for the great post to start the day!

    1. Hmm. I think I could give up coffee or chocolate (wouldn’t want to, but it would be doable). Peanut butter would be the one item I couldn’t bear to get rid of…I went off PB for months on an elimination diet and I missed it so, so much.
      After we get the house renovations done, landscaping is next and things are in a state of disarray. We had to excavate around our house for drainage years ago and it has just never been put back to rights. One thing at a time…but the lack of landscaping (we have a few parts that are all grown over and have weeds/thorns) is a constant source of annoyance for me because it just never looks finished. Though, who really cares? And, thankfully, we live in a neighbourhood where most people are relatively relaxed about lawn care, so there is no external pressure!!

  3. Oh, this is funny because I agree with almost all of these. I actually don’t like coffee at all- I’m a black tea drinker- and I also dislike herbal teas. Overnight guests stress me out SO MUCH, even if it’s just a friend of my kids’ sleeping over. Like you, I want to see them, and I’ll always say yes- but it makes me anxious to have someone in the house like that.
    Here’s one thing you would like about South Florida- we have NO HILLS. I actually wish we had some, but we’re so flat here. Oh, and I also don’t like talking on the phone! I would much rather talk face to face, or just text. I think it goes back to a job I had in college- I was doing telephone surveys and it was awful. No one wants to do a telephone survey, and we were instructed to try to trick them any way we could to keep them on the line (“It will just take three minutes!” when it took twenty.) That job caused me so much anxiety, and ruined telephone conversations for me, forever.

    1. I don’t love anything black. I will drink tea black in a pinch, but almost always add oat milk (NEVER sugar).
      I’m the same – even if the kids are having a friend sleep over, I still feel slightly unsettled.
      No hills sounds great, though the oppressive heat would likely be an equal compensation in terms of challenge during physical activity.
      I don’t know when I started not enjoying phone conversations? Maybe when I had kids and it just felt like an inefficient use of my time/I would regularly get interrupted? Either way, they are just NOT MY THING now. I also think having the option of e-mail/text which just weren’t mainstream when I was younger have had a big impact. There is now a preferable way (to me) of communicating, and so I’d rather go that route now that it exists…

  4. I love black coffee and I love herbal tea but I don’t like regular tea AT ALL or green tea! I guess I like my caffeine in coffee form only! I can’t stand the thought of putting anything in my coffee either. Well, unless it was Bailey’s.

    1. I wish I could relate – maybe that’s one reason I really dislike herbal tea? It never makes sense to add any milk or cream to it?

  5. I wish I liked black coffee, too. I need creamer of some sort and preferably vanilla-flavored creamer. I don’t care for tea either for the most part. I found a cinnamon caffeine-free tea that I liked when I was pregnant, though! The rest of the stuff – especially green tea – tastes awful to me.

    I wish I liked staying up late. I am more stressed by having people over for dinner than having overnight guests because with overnight guests I can say – “it’s my bedtime, see you in the morning” and that feels less rude that going to bed when we have someone over for dinner or games. It’s the lingerers that get me!

    1. I think you’re the second person to mention a cinnamon tea. I went through a phase of drinking an apple cinnamon herbal tea and it was…okay…but I eventually gave up. Life is too short for “okay” and if I can’t have some creamer/oat milk for regular coffee/tea, I’d rather just have water!
      I actually enjoy staying up late…but I’m not built for it. I get overtired/cranky. That said, I’ve been staying up too late over the last few weeks (it started when we were vacationing, and then the time zone difference means I kept at it after returning home). Sigh.
      Lingerers can be very frustrating and I think I agree that this can be even more stressful than overnight guests – my recent solution is inviting people over for supper on a Monday night. No one can arrive early because of work/school and then everyone leaves shortly after supper is over because it’s bedtime for our kids (and, if the vistors have kids, THEY want to get home too). I have loved, loved the Monday-night dinner guests. So much less pressure than a weekend where the timing is nebulous. I also have been prepping a big soup or curry on Sunday, so I just have to heat it up on Monday nights, so I only do last-minute prep of something like biscuits or cornbread the day of. So much less stress!

  6. I enjoy black coffee – but not STRONG black coffee. I am a medium roast kind of person. Tea? Unless it’s iced, I have no interest. And these days, even then, I’d rather have something else.

    Depending on the company, I’m usually fine with it. I am an introvert though and having some people that I don’t know that well overnight would cause some stress.

    Gardening. I love how beautiful my yard can be – but I thoroughly dislike weeding and being the only one who seems to care that the weeds need to be eliminated (guess what I did yesterday? Still feeling salty).

    1. Oh, how I despise iced/sweet tea. It is beloved by so many, but I cannot stomach it.
      Your comment about weeds hits me where it hurts – we have a front walkway in desperate need of tending and I have avoided it for several weeks. Sigh. I’m looking at it right now and the weeds are out of control. Any chance you want to pop over to Canada and do some more weeding?

  7. I wish I liked talking on the phone, too. Hate it, and avoid it. Text me, baby! As for your other points, laughing here about hills. I was wary of them when we first moved here, but now I live among them, around them, on them. I’d be in a sad way if I disliked them!

    1. It’s a bit laughable what lengths I go to to avoid phone conversations.
      I’ve lived at the top of a hill for 15 years and I still hate the hills.
      That said, if we’re doing a woods hike, I really enjoy shifts in elevation. But in terms running or walking on the sidewalks in our town…I dread the hills every time.

  8. I can relate to so many of the things you highlighted! I wrote a blog post last year (in June?) about all the running things that “weren’t my gig,” so your post totally made my day šŸ˜‰ About the overnight guests…YES!!!!! I like hosting friends, family, etc., but it gets awkward if there’s an overnight stay (or several).

    1. Yes – it always just feels slightly awkward to me! And I think I feel more awkward when someone is in my space than when I’m in someone else’s?

  9. I haven’t drunk coffee in over twenty years it makes me really ill if I drink it, I do love the smell though. I had to move to herbals as tea did similar things to me, I am not sure if it would now but I am not drawn to trying it. I had to give up milk for years too so I don’t really drink or have much milk at all in my diet. I gave up all of them a few others things when I was diagnosed with Crohns disease in my twenties, taking those things out my diet stopped all the symptoms, I eat many of the foods that I stopped for a period but tea, coffee and milk are still not good for me, coffee is the worst. I make my own herbal tea using either fresh herbs from the garden or bought dried herbs that I store properly to ensure they taste good. I have a teapot with an inbuilt strainer or a strainer for an individual cup. I love experimenting with combinations of flavours. I also use herbs to help boost my immune system when I am feeling unwell with things like colds, temperatures etc, I even used them for kidney pain once. I have not needed to visit the doctor for over fifteen years so they must be working.

    I love hills which is just a well as I live in a very hilly part of my country. I also love gardening although you would not know it from my garden it always looks overgrown and neglected, the wildlife loves it though which is important to me too.

    I too am rubbish at sport but I hear you on the being part of a team, I think that would be fun but the introvert, not liking big groups part of me would find it hard work, I think.

    1. I know you love herbal teas; it sounds like you have an incredible system (and the whole experience of harvesting your own herbs etc., sounds very satisfying and would contribute to an underlying sense of wellbeing). And how wonderful it has helped you stay so healthy and strong all these years!
      I do wish I loved hills. I walk up hills every day and still hate them…every time. Partially because I dislike sweating? And walking up the steep hills in my town always makes me sweat!

  10. I relate to SO MANY of these. Especially black coffee and herbal tea. I am so picky about my coffee and I need it to have some flavor and sweetness to it. Black coffee is just BLECH.

    I also get really stressed about making dinner for other people, which is why I so rarely do it. I get so stressed out that they’re going to hate what I cooked or that I’m not going to time everything right and it’s going to come out horrible. I wish I was someone who enjoyed feeding people but it’s not my thing.

    1. Black coffee is the worst thing ever. Coffee with a hint of cinnamon and some creamer = divine. I just don’t know how people can drink it black. It’s like two COMPLETELY different experiences and, in my mind, one is delicious and the other is downright disgusting.

  11. What about voice messages? I swear, voice message are going to be the death of me (and I have a couple of friends who exclusively do voice messages). Shoot me now?
    I also don’t enjoy black/strong coffee, but the right mix of soy milk with medium-strong coffee is heavenly šŸ™‚ (It’s a fine line!)

    1. I avoid leaving messages like the plague. I hate listening to them and I hate leaving them. There isn’t anything I enjoy about the phone. Text and e-mail or in-person all the way for me!
      And agreed on coffee – with the right amount of oat milk creamer, it’s almost impossible to beat. But black? Ick.

  12. Coffee with not TOO much milk – and strong coffee at that – is my go-to. I’ve been “off” herbal tea recently – not sure why?
    And, I thought I was the only one who got like that when hosting? I once tossed and turned all night, *convinced* that I’d given guests food poisoning. Seriously. It was so darned stressful. Best part about a one-bedroom apartment? Literally nowhere for someone to stay. Ahhh… šŸ˜‰ (Sorry that’s not an option for you, though! I’d stay in a hotel if I came to visit, I can assure you – I dislike being “in” others’ space, unless it’s my parents’…)

    1. Food poisoning. That would be stressful…but I assume they didn’t get food poisoning!
      I find it stressful to be in other people’s space as well. I just never feel fully at home.

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