May Favourites

Another month, another set of favourites.

A lot of these are, admittedly, more general “life” favourites that aren’t specific to the last month. In fact, I’ve been using most of these items for years. In that case, I suppose it would be more accurate to say this is a list of enduring favourites?

cell phone cameras

Having a (high-quality) camera everywhere I go is a perpetual favourite. While it can be easy to get sucked into excess screen time, I’ve been satisfied with my overall usage lately (hovering around 45 minutes/day). And the one aspect of my smartphone use that feels overwhelmingly positive is the easy access to taking pictures to preserve memories.

nivea lip balm

Specifically, this Nivea lipbalm. I’ve tried the strawberry variety, and the SPF version, too. But this is my favourite and I use it daily.

sticky tabs

I’ll admit the horror expressed by some readers when I revealed that I regularly dog-ear book pages has led me to mostly rely on sticky tabs to mark my place. They’re great!

ARm band for running

I know there are divided opinions on this product (E Tronic Armband; I got mine off Amazon), but I really love it. It’s a zippered compression sleeve for carrying keys/a cell phone while running.

I ordered the medium but it was too tight (I’ve read this product runs small, but I also have large upper arms so I might be an outlier on their sizing chart). The company told me to keep the medium and then sent me a large which is very comfortable, yet stays in place well and I’ve been using it for several years now.


I have a handful of these ear coverings and wear them about 300 days a year Really! I have issues with painful inner ears (even on a sunny day in the summer it’s not uncommon for me to wear one because of wind).

These make exercise or even running to the store for errands so much more pleasant. I love that I can wear them if my hair is up, and they accommodate ponytails/buns so much better than a hat.

bottom-loading water cooler

At least once a week since we bought this appliance (2.5 years ago), someone in our family (or a guest in our home) mentions their love of our water cooler. It is sleek and tucks neatly into a corner of the dining/living room. It’s also so much easier to load since the water jugs fit in the bottom. I didn’t clean off the kid’s fingerprints before snapping this picture because #WhoHasTheTime…but it does clean up very well. In fact, I don’t have a single complaint.


I know people are divided about eggs, but I love them. I consume eggs almost every day and consider them to be one of the most delicious and versatile foods. A perpetual “favourite” in my life.

Your turn. Anything stand out as particularly memorable or useful in May?

Header photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

19 thoughts on “May Favourites”

  1. A bottom-loading water cooler? I’ve never seen one of those. I can see why you like it. I’ve nothing to add to your list. May was kind of a negative *meh* for me.

    1. This water-cooler has been such a great addition to our lives; we get our water free from a local spring and having ice-cold water on tap at all times is wonderful!

  2. I’ll second you on the phone cameras! I don’t make as much use of mine as you do, but it is incredible to be able to take as many good quality pictures as we want, at any moment.
    On the running topic, I’m really loving my hydration vest. It holds one water bottle in the back, and you really can’t feel it at all (like it doesn’t bounce or anything.). It’s given me so many more options for my long runs- I used to have run past water fountains or hide water bottles ahead of time.
    I love lists of “favorites”- it’s fun to see what people are loving!

    1. You HID water bottles? I’ve never been in to long runs (and things are generally pretty cool where I live, so even when I was running over 10K, I still didn’t take water on the run. Hiding water bottles sounds both very smart and also slightly hilarious. Did you ever arrive at a designated spot and find the bottle to be missing?

    2. I find the idea of hiding water bottles ahead of time utterly delightful. Personally I would never run so far that I would need to drink…

  3. I’ll 3rd you on the phone camera! I would have way fewer pictures of my kids if not for phones. I also love google photos! It’s nice to have everything in one place!

    My favorite lip balm is burts bees wax. But only the plain kind. I have them all over the place and my husband tells me I am a chapstick addict! And he’s right. I need to use it all the time and I hate the thought of not having one near me, which is why I have one at my desk, in the stroller, in my purse, in the living room, in the kitchen, next to my bed and in the diaper bag! Luckily they are pretty cheap, though!

    Also, happy belated birthday! I forgot to mention that in your travel post!!

    1. Yes! Phone cameras revolutionize photos of the kids. Sometimes it feels like overload, actually, but mostly I just love having access to so many picture opportunities.

      I used to use Burt’s Bees, but am 100% on Team Nivea lately.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a low-key but fun day. I don’t know if I’ve ever been on a trip for my birthday?!

  4. i’ve loving eggs too. when I first started eating them again i found it gross.. but now I have it everyday almost and feel very satisfied if I include it in the meals.

    1. Eggs are just so versatile and filling (to me). And they also make it so quick/easy to prepare a filling meal!

  5. We have that exact same water cooler and I love it! Although I don’t use the hot water side and fill my glass with cold water and let it sit to room temperature (sensitive teeth). We have ours in our dining room and it looks fine. I for sure drink more water because of it. I HATE wind. I always end up tearing up – maybe because of wind caught behind my glasses. On cold windy days I always end up “crying” on a walk. Plus I don’t like wind in my ears. Although I don’t think I can pull off a head band. I have bangs almost all the time and headbands just don’t work for me. May has been a blur of work for me. One of my favourites is going in to work a couple of days and actually talking f2f with coworkers! And it’s late but.. Happy Birthday!

    1. We don’t use the hot water either. I like the idea of making tea right out of the water cooler like some friends do, but for how often I’d use it, it didn’t make sense to use the electricity (plus I like the ritual of heating the water on the stove).
      We have loved the cold water though.
      On ours at least, if you use the hot water side (but without the hot water activated), you get room temperature water…?!
      I “cry” some with the wind, too.
      I wish I could have bangs…but my hair is so wavy they always look ridiculous (or take a lot of work to wrangle).
      Thanks for the birthday wishes ❤️

  6. I was watching a Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee several years ago, and one of the things that Seinfeld mentioned was “No one ever says “I wish I had a camera!” anymore.” It’s so true. I remember saying that way back when, and of course no one is ever without their phones anymore.

    1. So true!! And I mostly love it. Sometimes I notice reaching for my camera when I should just live in the moment, but for the most part it’s a real positive for me and the kids love looking back at photobooks, especially all the “little” moments we would likely have forgotten without the picture to jog our memory…

  7. Love love love that you highlight everyday things you love, an appropriate nod to joy finding! Would love to see a post highlighting all of the ways you prepare eggs or a few fav recipes. Eggs are so inexpensive and healthy 😊

  8. Oh, I love the running armband. I used to have one (for a much smaller phone) and have recently relied on pants with pockets to carry cell phone/keys. I always take my phone everywhere, especially because I need to be able to take pictures of everything at a moment’s notice 🙂

    Something that stood out for me in May: haha, pain relief patches. I dealt with some back and neck issues in May and have never appreciated the awesomeness of self-sticking pain relief patches,

    1. I’ve never used the pain patches but have a friend that uses them regularly and raves about them; she actually gave me a few and I think I still have them in a bathroom drawer!

      I don’t own any exercise leggings with a phone pocket, but that does seem even handier!

  9. Those headbands are super-cute! I have boring, functional ones (probably from Target…) that do not help by covering my ears – they just hold my hair back. Do you remember where you got them? Not that I couldn’t find dupes but the ear coverage is key!
    I’m kind of off eggs right now. Trying to eat more vegan meals, and they were also just, well, turning me off. I’m weird about food that way. Well, maybe I’m just weird about food in general, ha!

    1. I got them off Aliexpress, but they have lots of similar ones out there (at places like Claire’s, Amazon, and Etsy).
      I must have an odd head shape? I CANNOT use thinner elastic headbands to hold my hair back. They fall off in seconds and it’s SO frustrating because I love the idea of having my hair out of my face while, say, running. But in the winter I use one of these warmer ones – that keep my hair back and my ears warm and in the summer I use my visor.

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