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It’s not actually summer yet, as the periodic frigid mornings are quick to remind me. But, in Canada, Monday (an observed holiday) marks the unofficial start of summer. The seasonal shops are opening, people are testing lawnmowers that have overwintered in backyard sheds, and I’ve loaded a tote with bug spray, a picnic blanket and sunscreen into the trunk of our car.

And me…well I’m going to use the onset of this pseudo-summer as an impetus to pull back from regular (as in five-days-a-week) posting. I thought of setting a MWF schedule, but summer is all about flexibility so I’m forcing myself out of my imagined comfort zone to say: “I’ll show up when I can. And I hope you stick around and continue to join me here!”

Our family has a happy mix of fun adventures and low-key home days planned for the summer and I want to savour it all. This too shall pass – the sabbatical, the kids being at this stage, the beautiful Canadian summer.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a Casual Friday post and have something cued up for Monday and then…we’ll see where the sunshine takes us.

Thanks to everyone who shows up to this space and for supporting me (and the community of readers that gather here) with such practical and thoughtful comments.

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21 thoughts on “Summer Break/Posting Schedule”

  1. I think having a loose schedule for summer makes total sense. That’s the schedule I’m on permanently! In my early days of blogging, I posted 4-5 times a week. Now it’s more like 2-3.

    Summer doesn’t really “kick off” here until Memorial Day but the weather isn’t reliably nice here until mid-June most years. But last year we had an incredibly hot June so we’ll see what this year brings! Kids are in school here until the first week of June at most schools, although our school district went on strike this spring for 3 weeks, I think, so kids are in school until late June. It seems like kids in Canada get out of school much earlier! When I was in school, we started in mid-August and were done the week before Memorial Day.

    1. I’m not sure how it varies across the country, but where we live (Nova Scotia) the last day of school is often literally the last day of June! We’re out July and August and then school usually starts up again the Tuesday or Wednesday after Labour Day. It throws me for a loop when I hear from family in the US where the kids are done in mid-May. What?! Sometimes we still have piles of snow that haven’t fully melted.
      This year we’re taking the kids out periodically for a few family adventures because the timing on some things works better if we don’t wait until the actual “summer!”

      Hope you get a nice June where you live. It has been warm and beautiful here lately, but April was such a long, dark, wet, cold slog.

  2. Ah yes, Victoria Day! I actually had no idea what that was, but it’s indicated on my calendar that it’s a Canadian holiday. Our “unofficial” start to summer is the following Monday, Memorial Day. But the kids finish school next week (feels weird to finish school before Memorial Day.) So yes- summer is upon us. I hope you enjoy it, and will be looking forward to hearing about your fun adventures!

    1. Before Memorial Day does feel early (here in Nova Scotia school doesn’t get out until the end of June).

  3. I am constantly amazed at your blog output – you should definitely take a break!
    In the US, Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer and we get a three-day weekend and I am so excited about it this year. I can’t wait to just have three days in which I do absolutely nothing.

    1. Yay! Three days sounds lovely. Hope the weather cooperates and you have a fabulous time.

  4. I understand your desire to have a flexible posting schedule. Go for it, lead the way with your carefree blogging attitude. I know no matter when you post, it’ll be good.

  5. Even though our actual summer break from school doesn’t start until July (kids where I am go to school to the end of June), the Victoria May long weekend is the unofficial start to summer! Although our weather right now is anything but. Once we get past some rain and a chance of snow (sigh), it’s supposed to be sunny and much better starting Saturday. I say flexibility sounds great and I hope you can enjoy the sabbatical time and some fun adventures!

    1. Not more snow. Shelly, you’ve had such rotten weather. Hope the “unofficial” start to summer gives you some nicer temps to work with…

  6. I also don’t have any kind of official posting “schedule”, but I just write when I have time and feel like it. I tend to sit down and write most mornings first thing, around the same time each day, but if it doesn’t fit in, I don’t worry about it. Maybe I’ll jump on later, maybe not. I tend to just write down whatever is on my mind that day, though, so it doesn’t require too much advance planning for me.

    I absolutely think you should do whatever fits in best this summer!! Blogging is a hobby and should be enjoyable, never a burden- and if you want to shift your focus elsewhere some days, that’s perfectly fine! I read blogs from people who post at all different times and frequencies, and I like them all equally. I do have those certain favorite blogs where I tend to “look for” their daily post, if I know they tend to post daily, and I’ll admit I sometimes feel a twinge of disappointment if it’s not there! Ha! But summer with kids is a precious time, and you should soak that all up!

    1. Writing 5x/week has been a great way to get into the routine of blogging (and has mostly felt very enjoyable/like a great hobby); I may go back to that in the fall? I find writing a great outlet…but for the summer I KNOW 5x/week would feel like too much to handle and would suck the fun out of the process. And, like you say, I don’t want it to feel like a burden at any point!

  7. Go enjoy your summer. And don’t you worry, we’ll all be checking daily for updates. Although honestly, maybe I’ll get a chance to stay on top and not do “batch-commenting” on the weekends all the time 🙂

    1. I’ve written before about feeling a bit guilty that I produce so many blog posts in a week (though I’ve tried hard to keep this about writing first for an audience of one – myself – and so I just have to accept that I like writing often and relatively long posts…?!). But, yes, I feel like it will be a nice respite for all of the sweet readers who endure so much verbosity from my end!

      1. Haha, don’t take that as criticism at all… I look forward to catching up on your posts, just sometimes feel a bit guilty if I can’t read/comment in a timely manner during the week! 😉 Write away! I am a fan of long(er) blog posts, too!

  8. Yeahh for summer adventures. Enjoy all the fun that is coming your way. For me summer unofficially starts June 1 and my birthday on the 4th.
    Now thinking about it I want to write a summer bucket list. It’s been so long…

    1. One of my best friends celebrates her birthday on June 4th, so I’ll be sure to remember it’s your special day as well.
      I usually write up a bit summer fun list, too. This year it’s a bit less structured (we’ve written out some key highlights for each month on a whiteboard in our kitchen). I hope things calm down for you with the new place + recovery and you’re able to find time for relaxation and fun!

  9. You’ve given us all the gift of your nearly-daily posting for over a year now! Now it’s time for you to give that time and energy back to yourself, and your family. Besides, if we want to hear about your fun adventures… you need to have those fun adventures! I hope this time together as a family – and the break from being here so much – are absolutely wonderful for you. (And I’m glad you will still show up periodically – I’ll look forward to reading every word. <3)

    1. Awww. Thanks for your sweet words, Anne and for so faithfully showing up to this space, reading and commenting.
      Lots of fun adventures already, and I’m looking forward to more (with some relaxing thrown in for good measure?!).

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