Casual Friday + Love of the Week

  • In-person schooling resumed this week in Nova Scotia. The announcement came on my birthday – best gift ever. Online learning was doable but not ideal for our family, so it was a huge relief to see the kids able to safely return to their teachers and friends to finish out the school year.
  • Last week I mentioned feeling like I needed to take a break from new books. It is a combination of information overwhelm plus the (admittedly first-world) stress of managing library due dates and prioritizing what book to read next – all while in the midst of a COVID lockdown. A few days ago I stumbled upon a set of digital Morning Pages I wrote in June 2019. I opened a day at random (I know Julia Cameron discourages re-reading, but I think I get a pass since it’s been 2 years; I also do them digitally so I’m basically a full-blown heretic anyway), and read the following: “I’ve tried to cut back on book-reading. Practically, it hasn’t meant much, but I’ve not ordered in any books for myself this week (even though lots have arrived), and I’m just going to let things come in as they do and not constantly be trying to read/learn. I feel like I can attack things full-tilt in the fall again if I want to. For now, as odd and sad as it sounds, I want to watch more mindless TV.” I’m sensing an annual pattern? Bleak Canadian midwinter = give me all the books. Short, glorious Canadian summer = give me all the Vitamin D. Once the current stack is complete (currently loving The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman – how have I not read this before?), it will be back to old favourites from my bookshelf for the summer.
  • We are officially a Rubix cube family. While it warms a Mama’s heart to see her crew deep so deep in game-centric thought (see picture above; he sat on the couch for ages, mumbling moves to himself), it is making bedtimes and breakfast more of a gong show. I had two kids at the kitchen table tackling Rubix cubes this morning while their father worked on one nearby; I had to remind them to eat and we barely made it out the door in time, but I guess as obsessions go, it could be much worse. Funny aside: one day Levi was working on a cube with some friends and came racing inside to announce he had solved it in its entirety! Turns out our mischievous little scallywag had just pulled the blocks off and rearranged them manually. It was good for a laugh; he can, consistently, get 2-3 sides completed sans “cheating”.

Love of the week. Nate Bargatze specials. Comedy preferences vary so much and I guess his brand of humour could fall flat with some viewers?! But in my family, his routines are pure comedic gold. My husband and I quote some memorable line from one of his specials almost daily. Not only is he relatable, but his clean (you can watch these with the kids), deadpan standup persona is just…hilarious. I’d recommend watching the specials in order: his first (<30-minute) routine in The Standups series followed by his two specials: The Tennesee Kid and The Greatest Average American, the latter of which was released during COVID.

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