No Chocolate This Halloween (For Me, Not the Kids)

Last fall I found myself on an elimination diet; no wheat, no dairy, no soy, no peanut butter. No Halloween candy.

This meant, unlike other years, there was no debating. No rationing. No binging. And no early-November surge on the scale.

Turns out, a Halloween without candy (as an adult at least) was fine.

In fact, when we took a family trip around the the Cabot Trail last year (also in the midst of the aforementioned elimination diet) – while others munched on granola bars and cookies – I ate dried figs. They’re delicious and, quite honestly, almost as satisfying as a cookie (with a lot less guilt).

My favourite family pumpkin to-date.

I’m not an abstainer by nature. I like food too much to cut any one food group out indefinitely (and the elimination diet revealed I don’t have any specific food allergies – but I do have sensitivities to wheat, coffee, dairy, soy, and garlic).

But when it comes to Halloween candy, saying “no” from the get-go can feel…liberating.

So this year I’m going to pass on the chocolate. All of it.

If you need me, you can find me eating some dried figs.

…though when Christmas rolls around, you’d better believe I’ll binge my bag of Twizzlers.

6 thoughts on “No Chocolate This Halloween (For Me, Not the Kids)”

  1. I am an all or nothing person. I can agree upon not eating candy and cake and then stick with it (I did it 5 month to check if my migraines improve) but once I start back up… bingeing it is. I just can’t eat only a piece… I wish it would be different. I found I like coconut chips a good substitute.

    1. I know. I definitely bounce between abstaining and binging. I’ve just had to accept that’s part of my eating personality. But I do feel like I’ve made progress in this area, and binge less now than I used to…baby steps in the right direction.

      I also like to find great-tasting substitutes. My current late-afternoon snack is carrot sticks. Easy/clean to eat, crunchy (so a bit like my beloved chips which I generally try to avoid), and I never end up eating more than I need to satisfy my hunger. I’m not that interested in binging on carrots – ha!

  2. I am definitely an abstainer in general but my husband is a moderator, so I have gotten better at moderation. He does the grocery shopping so I don’t have complete control over what he decides to bring into the house, like ice cream and chips and such. But right now I am doing weight watchers. There are no forbidden foods on the plan – you can eat whatever you want, but you only get a set number of points so you have to make choices. So I have been having 1-2 pieces of Halloween candy/day. That amounts to about 4-6 points. I get 35 points/day plus 35 to spread over the week. So it’s a reasonable treat to give myself. We’ve let our son have about 2 pieces/day so far although he didn’t get any yesterday because he would not nap or stay in his room for quiet time! We have so much leftover candy! My husband always overbuys. But he likes having treats around!

    1. I did Weight Watchers 20 years ago and loved their points system.

      The kids are currently taking 2 pieces/day in their lunch box and then having one item after school. After a week or so, things start to taper off/they forget.

      I usually underbuy, and this is the first year we had very many of our own treats leftover. Last year we ran out and I felt mortified! I started going into the stash the kids had collected while trick-or-treating and handing it out. This year I bought a much bigger box and we probably had about 1/2 leftover. I made sure to buy ones that were peanut free so the kids could take them to school!

  3. I am not an abstainer either (I live by the motto “everything in moderation”!) but I totally went without candy for Halloween too. We usually don’t get trick-or-treaters and I didn’t want to buy candy just to have to eat it myself. So I didn’t buy any. Strategy worked.

  4. I am an abstainer, mostly by nature, but also by circumstance (medical issues). So, for me, it’s a matter of just consistently saying no to certain things. I do treat myself on occasion but I’m able to keep it at that. So glad you have found an approach that works for you, though. To each their own! (This also makes me so glad not to have to deal with trick-or-treaters anymore…. I always stressed about running out or inadvertently giving a kid something they could not have, etc. etc. etc.)

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