Casual Friday + Love of the Week

  1. I had a straightforward, but time-consuming, procedure to help deal with my anemia this week. The upside: several hours of uninterrupted reading time. Sadly, neither book I brought along quite lived up to my expectations, but such is life. On the bright side, I was at the hospital over lunchtime and it did feel luxurious to have food (that I didn’t have any hand in preparing) delivered to me while I was sitting in a “recliner” covered with a heated blanket.
  2. Monday we headed to the beach. While we prefer the white-sand beaches of the Southern Shore of Nova Scotia, this was a closer alternative. The kids enjoyed hiking along the shoreline and we spotted a small squid in the water. Though no one had bathing suits on, Levi opted to take off his shoes for a stroll through the water. This of course morphed into practically submerging himself for a swim.
  3. It’s official: we will complete the rest of the school year online. Ugh and sigh. Thankfully, the vaccine rollout is further expanding, so there is hope of reopening on the not-so-distant horizon.
  4. I finished reading The Trolley Car family to the kids…again. This is the book that sparked my lifelong obsession with reading. There were books before, and there have been thousands since, but this book will forever hold a special place in my heart. My tattered copy, gifted to my sister the year I was born, is a delight to me each time I return to it. All these decades later to be reading this book to Abby and Levi, who love it nearly as much as I did/do is pure joy.

Love of the week: Several years ago, after a week spent vacationing with my sister’s family – who all had their own Yeti’s – I decided I wanted to invest in one for myself.

Originally intended to keep my favourite hot beverages hot, I found it to be too effective. Hours after filling my Yeti with tea or coffee, I would still burn my mouth.

I pivoted and made the switch to it being my at-home water cup and have never looked back. Aside from the colour (which I love; hooray for small aesthetic decisions), my favourite feature is the magnetized lid*. It is so convenient to drink from, holds a large quantity of water (I have the 20oz tumbler and fill it at least 4 times a day), and looks as good as the day I bought it (no stains or dents).

*It is NOT leak-proof, sadly, but that is its only flaw in my eyes.

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