Casual Friday + Love of the Week

  • I’ve always enjoyed Canadian Thanksgiving; it’s far enough from Christmas to feel like a standalone event. And, in typical Canadian fashion, it’s relatively understated. It’s a great excuse to appreciate the wonderful bounty of fall – the final harvest of fruits and vegetables for the year. The food was great, and leftovers have been delicious!
  • Delicious feasting aside – after a challenging stretch the long weekend should have felt like a much-needed reprieve. But, in reality, it was an especially tough one. Some parenting battles that I just felt too tired to cope with in a mature way. A potentially difficult situation that suddenly popped up out of nowhere. Frustrating silence on pressing work deadlines (which I couldn’t tackle over the long weekend, but that festered nonetheless). Also, there is the added pressure of feeling extra joyful during a time set aside specifically for being thankful. I was thankful much of the time, but in an effort to keep things real – there was still quite a bit of time spent feeling stressed or grumpy or frustrated. Win some, lose some.

One stressful experience, among others, happened on a visit to Margaretsville Lighthouse. Through a series of unfortunate events involving the tide and some poor decision-making, I found myself climbing a quasi-precarious rockface to rescue the children. We all survived and no one got hurt – or wet. And we found pretty wild roses once our heart rates had recovered…lose some, win some.
  • That said, things are looking up. I’m learning the cycle. Good and bad, sometimes on the same day. Always onward and upward.
  • We managed to take advantage of grandparent babysitting priviledges and went out to dinner (sushi for the win!) and then to the movies to see No Time to Die. Is it just me, or do movies seem darker (in subject matter, not lighting) the older I get? Regardless, it was still fun to bask in the theatre experience – it has been almost two years since we went without kids, ironically enough to see Daniel Craig et al. in Knives Out.
  • We also fit in some nice family walks over the weekend, including a stroll around the grounds of a family favourite – Grand Pré. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the views never fail to disappoint. We pointed out a permanent and enormous bald eagle nest to my father-in-law and he was duly impressed.

love of the week

My eye mask for sleeping. I started using one about 5 years ago and can’t function without it (this might be a double-edged sword).

I have a whole sleep post in the works that goes through my bedtime routine (does this make me sound like a toddler) – as soon as I put on my eye mask, it really helps signal it’s time for sleep. My version of a blankie, soother, or stuffie, perhaps?

And, it means I don’t have to go crazy blocking little shards of artificial light from chargers and digital clocks and the bits of light that inevitably leak in around the curtains!

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