Casual Friday + Love of the Week

  • It felt…weird…to not post every day this week. It was a conscious decision as something has to give in light of my increased work responsibilities. But still, I really missed it. I’ve been treating this blog as though I’m writing for an audience of one (which I suspect is true most days!), but the structure and routine of writing 5x/week was so important for getting this site launched.
  • We got a chance to re-visit Point Prim Lighthouse last weekend. It was a nice drive down the Annapolis Valley; the leaves are starting to change and the sun, though warm, has the distinctly “fall” feel to it. We had a picnic lunch and then explored the rocks. As I was watching the kids pick their path and navigate what was, at some points, trecherous terrain, I told my father-in-law: “This is their happy place.” It really is. After an upswing in sibling rivalary and discontent recently, out in the wild, with their rocks to climb and seaweed to pick and shells to collect – they were just so happy. Until we got back in the car…
  • We stopped by the replica home of folk artist Maud Lewis; it is SO tiny (her actual house now resides inside the NS Art Gallery as a permanent exhibit). It is incredible to imagine her life and the sheer determination and force of will required; I need to watch Maudie (starring Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke) ASAP!
  • Abby has been so interested in food presentation lately. We had our weekly batch of my beloved oatmeal waffles and this is what she produced…I overlooked the generous helping of chocolate chips because, clearly, it was required for the purposes of symmetry.

love of the week: Fall in the Maritimes

I really do love the fall, October specifically. The air is crisp. The sun is still warm. It’s cool enough to warrant evening snuggles by the fire, but temperate enough that we can still enjoy going for a walk without the mittens, cumbersome coats, and heavy boots that will weigh us down for many months to come.

I often tell people: “Fall is my favourite season…if only winter didn’t follow.” But fall is my favourite season and this year I’m trying not to think about the snow and the ice and the long, dark nights of winter. Fall is my favourite season. Full stop.

I’m trying to savour the tastes and smells and sounds and colours and flavours of fall. Pumpkin muffins, crunchy leaves, dappled afternoon sun, fresh Honeycrisp apples from the orchard. It really is beautiful…

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