Productivity Hack: Take a Walk

In what is probably the most simplistic hack out there, I’m recommending we all go take a hike. Literally.

Tired? Take a walk.

Feeling sad, lonely, or anxious? Take a walk.

Mental block during your workday? Take a walk.

Want to connect with a loved one? Take a walk.

Trying to improve physical fitness? Take a walk.

This summer I re-read Mason Currey’s Daily Rituals: How Artist’s Work. What I found most interesting about this book were the commonalities between so many prolific creative/scientific minds. Aside from the copious amount of stimulants and depressants (drugs, alcohol, and coffee were in liberal supply), a large proportion of people discussed the importance of daily walks, often of lengthy duration. 

We might not set up a private walking track like Charles Darwin or be able to escape to the woods of Massachusetts like Thoreau, but chances are we could all fit just a bit more walking into our daily lives.

The sights, sounds, and smells of nature might, sometimes, be able to cure what ails us.

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