Snippets of Life Lately: iPhone Dump

I have a love/hate relationship with my iPhone. I hate that it has a tendency to distract me – I try really hard, not always successfully, to keep my screentime around 1 hr/day. It’s easy to get sucked into text loops (which can be a good thing) or newsfeeds (almost always a bad thing).

I also appreciate all the good it brings. A calculator and alarm, music to amp me up during a workout, a GPS when I’m lost. But mostly, I love always having a camera handy. I make a giant photobook every year and appreciate that we (John takes more and better photos) can capture so many spontaneous moments – moments we never would have recorded if we were still lugging around a heavy camera, worrying about how much space we had left on a roll of film or needing to avoid getting sand in the lens (I’ve had two cameras destroyed this way).

Here’s a quick phone dump from life lately.

Final fire at the lake.
The last night of fishing on Grand Lake 2021. A treasure trove of great memories this year.
Someone was cavity-free – always a relief.
A trip to our beloved Peggy’s Cove.
A return trip to Belliveau’s Cove, complete with a new breakwater.
On a Sunday afternoon family hike we happened upon a random quarry. Love this action shot of Abby exploring the grounds (we did NOT let the kids climb on the sand pile, but it was fun to have a look from all angles).
Our little town officially has its own boxcar. One of our favourite books is “The Boxcar Children”, so this was beyond cool (also, it’s located behind the town library – this was meant to be).
After we got the climbing out of our system, we turned to rock jumping! The kids love to get serious air off this local boulder on the waterfront.
One last summer hurrah with my parents (visiting so they could babysit the kids while we were away at White Point) – Margaretsville Lighthouse. It’s such a great place to explore. Mom and I sat on a bench near the beach and watched the waves while John took the kids exploring further up the shore.
This one even dipped her toes in…

2 thoughts on “Snippets of Life Lately: iPhone Dump”

  1. What do you use for your photobooks? (Found you from SHU’s blog. Always delighted to meet another EliSabeth. šŸ™‚

  2. It’s like a secret club, this mysterious set of Elisabeth’s out there with an “s”. It reminds me of Anne of Green Gables who thought it important to identify that she was Anne with an “e.”

    In terms of photobooks, I’ve been using Blurb for 5ish years. Prior to that, I used Shutterfly and MyPublisher (the latter of which ended up being acquired by Shutterfly). The biggest draw for Blurb is that they have free desktop software so I don’t have to upload all my pictures to an online portal; I can literally just drag and drop photos from my desktop folders and upload the whole book when I’m finished. I also like that I can do a LOT of pages (some books are capped at 100 pages or have high per/page costs once you go beyond a minimum). I usually do about 250 pages.

    I will say the paper quality – even at its highest – it’s not as great as some other companies on the market, but overall I’m very happy with Blurb!

    I’ll have to do a photobook debrief on the blog sometime soon!

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