Don’t Quote Me: Less But Better – Advice for Decluttering and Life.

I’ve been talking about clutter all week. And while I’d never label myself a minimalist, I appreciate many of the sentiments and motivations that are associated with the movement. One of my favourites is the idea of less but better.

For years, true to my frugal nature, I bought exclusively inexpensive shoes. If I happened to find a second-hand pair of high-quality footwear it felt like winning the lottery. So I mostly bought things that were uncomfortable or unfashionable or unreliable (often all three).

When I first met my Danish sister-in-law, one of the first things I noticed was how few pairs of shoes she wore. They were high quality, neutral, fashionable, and comfortable. Less but better.

When I was a teenager, my aunt and uncle bought me authentic Italian gelato. The (expensive) serving was tiny! But wielding that ridiculously small – yet adorable – spoon, I savoured every bite. I had grown up on store-brand ice cream, the type of treat you eat in big quantities. The gelato was less but much, much better.

Less but better.

Greg McKeown

I could pass along all but my favourite outfits in the closet.

I could give an experience-based Christmas gift, instead of filling a bag with cheap trinkets that will break quickly or get relegated to a junk drawer.

I could choose to focus on fewer friendships, but spend more time and effort investing in those few, instead of spreading myself thin with many superficial relationships.

Less but better.

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