Casual Friday + Love of the Week

  • The countdown is on. That back-to-school feeling is in the air. Anyone else remember this Staples commercial from years ago? In 1996, when it was released, I was still years away from university. I did not “get” the commercial. Now I get it.
  • Don’t get me wrong, we’re trying to eek every last drip of salty beach water from our proverbial bathing suits. But also…I’m so ready for school, for routine, for a change.
The waves were incredible at Mavillette Beach thanks to Hurricane Henri; usually a quiet spot, the place was humming with surfers. Including this one…
She did an incredible job up on her board, and everyone slept very soundly that night.
  • The kids messes can really drive me crazy (especially in shared spaces; I can overlook their bedrooms most of the time). Admittedly this isn’t very messy – but even if it were, it would get a pass. I called the kids to the front door one morning last week and then walked through the living room and happened upon this little vingette of books scattered on the couch.
  • The renovations continue to stress me out – like my stomach feels queasy and I wake up feeling anxious. I’m even having nightmares about it – what now? One night I dreamed that a huge chunk of our roof was cut open and the contractor just left it like that and walked away; the second night I dreamed someone came and stole all the new windows out of our house while I was visiting a neighbour. I don’t know why I have such a visceral reaction? Maybe because of all the major work we had to do so suddenly when we moved in? Maybe because there are 100s of decisions and I hate making decisions? Maybe because I hate spending money, battle perfectionism, and find it stressful to have people in my space? Maybe because I’m scared if I don’t stay on top of every single one of the 100s of things that need doing, something will fall through the cracks and the whole project will stall because of my oversight? This week we had some basic electrical work to complete and we hit roadblock after roadblock. Ugh. I don’t have a solution for the anxiety, yet. And I know the issues and number of decisions are going to skyrocket soon. But future me will be glad to have weathered this…right?!

Love of the week: getting back to exercise

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I can tell my burnout is real and deep because of how I’ve gone from exercising almost daily (without having to think much about it), to backing off exercise completely. I didn’t want to exercise, didn’t have the energy (physically or emotionally) to exercise, didn’t even feel that much guilt about not being active.

But it felt…weird. I didn’t even think of daily exercise as a habit – it was just a way of life. And then it wasn’t for almost 2 whole months.

The last week or so we’ve been going on family walks, strolling around the neighbourhood, walking the kids to daycamp. I haven’t done any running yet and think I’ll wait for cooler weather to ease back into anything too strenuous, but it feels good to tie up my shoelaces and get out in nature. The burnout is still there, knocking on the door almost daily, but at least it’s not pushing on the doorbell, too.

Baby steps. Or, in our case, I’ll settle for 10,000 or so regular steps.

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