Casual Friday + Love of the Week

  • We’re home. We’ve jumped right into a few weeks of daycamp for the kids and catchup (on work and life) for the adults. We still have one last lake trip tentatively planned. COVID has taught us a lot of lessons – one of them is that we can’t take travel, even across provincial borders, and access to family for granted.
Last year with brighter skies (Irving Eco-Centre: La dune de Bouctouche)
  • Before we left the lake…we left the lake. We tend to stick pretty close to home when visiting my parents, but did venture out for a daytrip to Boutouche. John and I went last year for a celebratory anniversary day-trip. This year the sky was ominous the whole drive and I started catatrophizing. My spirits were bouyed as I – despite very intermittent cellphone coverage – watched the Canadian women’s soccer team clinch the gold medal. Talk about a nail-biter. We picnicked out of the rain in a lovely gazebo at a sprawling historic gardens complex – peanut butter and jam for the win – and then hit the beach. Overcast skies ended up providing the best possible beach weather; the temperature was perfect and the kids played happily for hours.
We dug a very, very deep hole together because options are limited for a 6-year old with a casted splint that can’t get wet. Like my makeshift splint cover? It worked…kinda.
This beach has a series of little “islands” that get exposed as the tide goes out. Where the kids are playing is actually separated from the main beach by 30 ft (wading depth water in between). It was their own private oasis – or Seashell Island as they christened it.
  • After we were sufficiently sandy and windswept, my parents took the kids home and John and I stopped in at one of our favourite restaurants for a belated anniversary supper – steak, grilled veggies, and twice-baked garlic potatoes – topped off with a slice of mocha ice-cream cake (on the house because it was an anniverary supper). Yum.
  • Ahem. Let’s talk about sugar for a minute. I didn’t hold back while on vacation (it wasn’t awful, but I consumed more than was necessary to enjoy the vacation experience). It has been nice to get back to more realistic nutritional standards this week. Homemade tacos on soft corn tortillas, chicken, rice & lime soup (I always add a LOT of extra veggies to this recipe), and 3-ingredient coconut flour peanut butter balls for a nice boost of fat and protein.
  • In terms of personal recovery, I napped twice this week and have been enforcing an obsurdly early bedtime. Still feeling lots of symptoms of burnout, but I’m telling myself to expect this and be patient; I’ve asked a lot of my body and mind these last few years and it’s time to ease back into a more sustainable rhythm. Sleep improvements – check.

Love of the week: Children’s Pictures Books

I love picture books. Every week I come home with a precarious stack (think 20-30 books) of gorgeously illustrated, hilariously funny, or masterfully rhyming books – or such is the lofty goal. In the end many picture books are…forgettable. But a special few strike a chord (right time, right place), and that happened this week.

After a busy day with the kids, we piled in the bed and read This Story is For You by Greg Pizzoli. It’s about friendship and love and belonging. Loved it.

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