Casual Friday + Love of the Week

  • Mid-week I wound up in the emergency room with a child who emerged (proudly) sporting a cast. A 9 AM soccer game gone awry. No baseball, no swimming, no soccer, no biking – limited activity of any sort – for at least three weeks. This in the middle of baseball, swimming, soccer and biking season. Poor thing. I’m sure the novelty will wear off, but for now it is a badge of honour and he doesn’t seem much bothered by it. I, on the other hand, have no idea how to fill all those hours with low-impact activity. Also, can I admit how frustrating it is to have devoted so much time and energy to organize the various activities, plan out the trips to the lake…and now have it all go up in plaster flames. Sigh.
  • The demo/reno crew is gone for now and I’m heaving a very temporary sigh of relief. In perspective: it went well. But the stress levels felt unreal, and we’re staring down several large projects in the not-so-distant future. Decision fatigue is already weighing me down (metal vs. vinyl; left hand in-swing or right; how wide do I want the J-trim and, wait a minute, what is J-trim?). Progress, not completion…and eventually we’ll get there; I’m telling myself this on repeat, with limited success.
  • And so it’s time for a break. For all my talk about buffer, having permission to quit, and learning to avoid the hole (whatever that hole might be) – I’m burned out. I know that’s such a cliche term these days, but I can’t think of any other way to describe how life feels lately. I do my little resets, but I’m craving more. So, no writing/posting for a week, maybe two. We need breaks from good things too. In June I exercised every day; in July, I’ve exercised less than 5 times. Binge, savour. A season for everything.
  • I did make it to #52. A satisfying checkmark for 2021.

Love of the week: In-home date nights

We were so young!

Every week on Saturday (and usually Sunday too) we feed the kids an easy meal and send them to bed with audiobooks. Early. Like in their rooms by 7 PM, early. No negotiation. Then we settle in to finalizing a fancier dish for the two of us – Eggs Benedict, takeout (or homemade) sushi, steak-and-mushroom tortillas. Since we generally eat as a family, this feels like such a luxury and is a high point of every week. We eat the food hot. There is no sibling rivalry, no up-and-down to refill plates and water glasses.

Usually, we cuddle up and watch a movie and go to bed early. Basically the perfect date night for busy parents.

We’ve been doing this for several years now, and it doesn’t get old. The kids know that weekend suppers are Mommy and Daddy date nights, and tolerate it without much fuss.

In lieu of being able to attend a wedding recently (COVID restrictions), we were asked to answer some questions for the bride and groom. One question surrounded date night ideas. Our biggest hint: it doesn’t have to involve leaving the house. Naming our weekend supper-and-movie event “Date Night” gives it validity and weight; doing it every single week gives us the satisfaction of having established a healthy marriage habit.

It can be hard to carve out the time (and financial resources) needed to hire a babysitter, reserve a table at the restaurant and make all the preparations. Getting out the door for a date night can feel a bit like running a marathon (One more kiss, please. Can you come wipe me? and trying to remember as I sit down for dinner: Did I remember to leave the Wifi password?). While these sorts of dates have their place, we’re such a huge fan of at-home date nights, we recommend them to all our friends.

At the end of a busy week, I’m happiest at home, in my PJs, eating sushi with my love. This weekend we’ll celebrate our wedding anniversary. You’ll find me at home, likely in my PJs, eating sushi with my love.

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