Casual Friday + Love of the Week

  • It’s hard to come back from life at the lake. That said, there were some bumps along the road in paradise too. No matter the backdrop, parenting can still feel hard. Managing expectations and playing referee in endless squabbles can leave me feeling rundown and disheartened. And then one child’s chin had an ill-timed meeting with another child’s head which resulted in our first household concussion (minor, thankfully). All that to say we’re easing back in to life at home. And there have been lots of bright moments, amidst a few stormclouds.
  • We had quasi-major renos this week. Home projects stress me out. I know to anticipate the stress, so it doesn’t catch me by surprise anymore, but I haven’t really come up with any great ways to avoid it. I think a big part of the problem is my maximizer tendancies; I want to research every alternative and in the end I second-guess perfectly well-researched and solid decisions. But done is better than perfect (and there really is no “perfect,” is there). Just goes to show everyone’s good at something…and nobody’s good at everything. I, for one, am not good at managing renos! The house upgrade to-do list is long, but this was an important first step. Progress, not completion. I’m trying to tell myself that, but there have definitely been tears this week…
Last look at those old windows I had grown to know and love…
  • We had an unexpected visit from close friends one evening this week after the kids were in bed (well, the oldest did make a cameo appearance for a while). We sat outside in lawn chairs until well past dark – and well past our bedtimes – and grabbed sweaters and blankets and shooed away mosquitos so we could keep on talking. When we were getting ready for bed John said: “That was refreshing.” It really was; no planning or cooking or juggling kid bedtimes. Just friends stopping by for a night of effortless discussion.
  • These same friends then invited us to a spontaneous surprise birthday party the next day and we spent a fun afternoon romping around their backyard with some other kiddos.
The birthday banner is over 25 years old!
  • I got COVID shot #2…and it was SO MUCH easier than the first time around. I used a local drive-thru clinic (the woman parked next to me in recovery was commenting to a friend via cell phone that she never imagined she’d go through a drive-thru to get a vaccine), which was both convenient and efficient. Everyone I’ve talked to seems to indicate people react more strongly to one shot or the other. Aside from an early bedtime on Day #1, and a sore arm for a few days, I was good to go. Hurrah.

Love of the Week: Reaching a goal

At the start of every year I make a list of goals for the next 365 days .

I’ve done a List of 100 Dreams (thanks, Laura Vanderkam!), but this is more closely aligned with Gretchen Rubin’s 20 for 20. I always have a range of goals: some relate to health (food + exercise), others career (e.g. pitch a particular product), relationships (a solo getaway with hubby shows up every year). Some are relatively easy to tick off – creating our annual family photobook, reading 3 novels by Charles Dickens; some are harder, and others fall under the category of “attainable aspirations.” Cue this website.

For years I’ve wanted to re-start a blog. Last year my goal was literally just to buy a domain. I did that and didn’t even attempt to go any further.

This year, I wanted to launch a website and produce 52 posts. It felt unlikely – I have been wanting to do this for almost a decade – and I was willing to give myself a pass. When December 31st rolled around, I decided I would count it a success if I had the framework for a website in place.

Instead, I did make it happen, the easy way. Next Monday, I’ll plan to publish post #52.

First look at the new windows; a much less obstructed view into the front yard.

Perhaps in 2022 I’ll make it a goal to reach a specific audience or sell some piece of writing for publication. For now, though, I’m going to bask in the blue-lit glow of reaching this milestone…

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