Every Day Is Better If It Includes…

Several times over the years a friend has told me: Every day is better if it includes a banana. We both happen to like bananas (for me, especially when topped with a liberal smear of peanut butter), but I certainly don’t eat a banana every day.

But, when I do, I almost always think of her words. I’m not entirely convinced every day is better if I eat a banana – I’ve had some pretty crummy days and I’m sure a good portion of them included eating a banana at some point – but it doesn’t hurt. Bananas are delicious. So, how would you finish the sentence: Every day is better if it includes…


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35 thoughts on “Every Day Is Better If It Includes…”

    1. This is so sweet – and reminds of the lady I boarded with in university; she lived until she was in her late 80s/early 90s and she had some form of alcohol every day – wine, sherry, port, gin. You name it, she loved to have a libation daily, and credited it with her longevity. Too bad she hadn’t also included a daily banana in her routine?

  1. This reminded me of my colleague at work who used to say that bananas should never be eaten in an office… we had a game where we would stare at each other if the other one ate a banana. I think that probably sounds borderline weird and creepy but we carried the joke on for so long that whenever I eat a banana now I expect to see someone staring at me.

    I think my current motto is “every day is better if it follows a 9:30 bedtime” 😊

    1. Wise words – I’ve been doing quite well with consistently turning out my light by 10:30 pm – after horrible sleep hygiene over the summer – and agree: it does make the next day run more smoothly if I manage to get a decent sleep!

    1. Anyone who gets up by 4 am, by default, must love coffee?!
      And yes, I say a frozen banana counts!? I’ll have to consult my friend who doles out these specific words of wisdom.

    1. I don’t have a cat (and am allergic, so that would actually likely be a rough inclusion in my day) – maybe a snuggle with Meatball would count?…but on the book and hot tea I’m with you all the way.

    1. Nope!
      But also – isn’t it wonderful to be able to identify things that automatically/reliably make our days feel better? What a gift to have things – coffee, running, books, quiet, cats/pets etc. – that are almost guaranteed to bring joy?!

    1. We did Wordle for 3-4 months and I LOVED doing it daily. We got out of the habit when we went on a family roadtrip, and I don’t miss it lately when life has felt extra busy – but this might be a great activity to bring back into rotation over the winter. The kids LOVED doing this (we’d do it as a family).
      Also, love that you get to do all these things daily that bring so much joy. The key is to make room for those activities. We have to go from identifying x,y,z as making a day better…and then actually doing them!

  2. It is a theme here. I’m also for coffee, reading and a cat as well! Also a nice slice of my chocolate banana bread would round that out perfectly.

    1. The first two sound good…but I hate sweating. Maybe if I had a pool to jump into at the end I’d feel differently?

    1. Ha! Another vote for the banana.
      And I completely agree – a bit of time for peace and quiet makes every day better (for me, at least).

  3. with laughter and a hug.
    On a more material note I would say with a book, tea, fuzzy socks and no bra.

    Oh and I can only eat banana in the fresh unprepared way. I hate hot bananas. If you hide them in cake it needs tripple the spices.

  4. Oooh, a fun one. Definitely a banana, and a workout of some sort (from indoor cycling to a walk). Also, tea, ICE CREAM, and reading, of some sort. 🙂

    1. I can hazard a guess, based on the capitalization, which one is your preferred “every day is better” item.

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