April 20, 2022Things I Wish I Liked (Or Loved) A few weeks ago Suzanne wrote a post that included a rundown of foods she wishes she enjoyed (if you’re curious they were: tomatoes, oatmeal, and eggs which, incidentally, are three of my favourite foods). She asked readers what food(s) they wished they liked (or at least tolerated), and it got me thinking… You can … Continue reading "Things I Wish I Liked (Or Loved)" Life Random
April 19, 2022Destination Prince Edward Island: Part Two No one was in a hurry to get started on Day Two. I didn’t sleep very well, mostly because the room was too warm and I had opted, for no good reason, to stay in bed instead of turning down the heat. But everyone was cheerful and seemed content to have a leisurely start. The … Continue reading "Destination Prince Edward Island: Part Two" Travel
April 18, 2022Destination Prince Edward Island: Part One You might think the timing of this trip is directly related to my recent foray into all things Lucy Maud Montgomery…but you’d be mostly wrong. Really, this reflects the sad truth that we live only three hours from a beautiful province and haven’t visited for A DECADE. We have good excuses; we spend summer vacation … Continue reading "Destination Prince Edward Island: Part One" Family Travel
April 15, 2022Good Friday + Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Jesus It’s Good Friday. Normally this is where I’d share details from the week, but I recently – unexpectedly – received the following text from someone I’m just getting to know: As I mentioned yesterday, my relationship with Jesus permeates my life. But too often I hold back in sharing with others because, quite honestly, I’m … Continue reading "Good Friday + Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Jesus" Faith Relationships
April 14, 2022Casual…Thursday? It’s Thursday…and I’m going “casual”? This is almost as disconcerting as DST! While my faith doesn’t overtly permeate my writing in this space, my relationship with Jesus does permeate my life and I’m going to share more about this topic tomorrow, Good Friday. Which means I decided to show up a day early and stake … Continue reading "Casual…Thursday?" Casual Friday Memory Maker
April 13, 2022Breakfast Is Served A random topic I know, but breakfast has been on my mind. Do you love it? Hate it? Eat it everyday? Skip it? Want it mid-morning or first thing after you wake up? I find routines absolutely fascinating, so let’s chat about breakfast. Growing up, breakfast was non-negotiable. We always ate breakfast. Together. It was … Continue reading "Breakfast Is Served" Food & Body