April 27, 2022Do You Have a Compliment? Give It! To my shame, I leave a lot of compliments/verbal affirmations unspoken, especially to those I love the most. And I want that behaviour to change because I know I’m overlooking the power of (genuine) compliments. A few months ago I wrote about an unexpected incident in a checkout line at the DollarStore. I was masked, … Continue reading "Do You Have a Compliment? Give It!" Here's A Thought Memory Maker Relationships
April 26, 2022Waiting For The Tomorrow That Never Came I love the power of a story. This is a sad one, but it left a lasting impression. I’ve described my friend Dot on the blog before – she was my 80s-something spitfire “landlord/surrogate grandmother” when I was in university. Dot had the most active social calendar of any senior I’ve met. There was Bridge … Continue reading "Waiting For The Tomorrow That Never Came" Here's A Thought Life Memory Maker
April 25, 2022A Big Ol’ Sleep Post Sleep. From how long we sleep to our assortment of idiosyncrasies, sleep is now categorized as another branch of “hygiene” – as if there are clean and dirty ways to get our shut-eye. Since such a large portion of our time is spent sleeping (or trying to sleep or trying to get someone else to … Continue reading "A Big Ol’ Sleep Post" Food & Body Mental Health
April 24, 2022One Year of Blogging Until yesterday I was convinced I had published my first blog post in May of 2021. Turns out it was April 24th. This means today marks one year of blogging. There will be no brass band, layer cake or confetti, but it seemed fitting to mark this milestone with a bonus post. After wanting to … Continue reading "One Year of Blogging" Favourite Things
April 22, 2022Casual Friday + A Power Outage Um…that was weird! Yesterday at lunchtime the power just…went out. It always feels disconcerting to lose power, but it’s somewhat expected during a windstorm or in the middle of a blizzard. This was just a random, sunny afternoon in April with nary a cloud in the sky. The power came back on late in the … Continue reading "Casual Friday + A Power Outage" Life
April 21, 2022Let’s Talk About Perfection 2021 was a hard year. John’s working hours were insane. The kids were home on lockdown for the entire month of May (I often didn’t know how I was going to make it through the next 10 minutes, let alone another day). My health was spiraling, and unsuccessful iron infusions were a bitter disappointment. Also, … Continue reading "Let’s Talk About Perfection" Mental Health