May 18, 2021A To-Buy Hack: Have a Running List I’m a list person. Phone, paper, whiteboard, calendar, back-of-an-envelope; you name it, I’ve put a list on it. While most lists have a designated timeline – from a list for today’s tasks, to appointments and meetings that might be scheduled weeks in advance, to the groceries I need for Friday’s supper – there are items … Continue reading "A To-Buy Hack: Have a Running List" Organization Productivity
May 17, 2021Here’s A Thought: Consider Small Aesthetic Decisions We’re a visual species. While you and I may look at a Jackson Pollock, van Gogh or Picasso and have wildly different visceral responses (personally: cool, love it, meh) – everyone gravitates toward particular aesthetics – there is no mistaking that we will have some reaction. Ambivalence. Admiration. Curiosity. Disgust. Beauty is, after all, in … Continue reading "Here’s A Thought: Consider Small Aesthetic Decisions" Here's A Thought
May 14, 2021Casual Friday + Love of the Week We remain in the midst of a province-wide lockdown. As spring edges closer to summer, we’re plodding along through online learning and gathering restrictions. It’s going…okay. I think it’s safe to say we’re all weary, but it is encouraging to see the new caseload tick lower. I had the chance to talk with Laura Vanderkam … Continue reading "Casual Friday + Love of the Week" Casual Friday Life
May 13, 2021Decide Once: The Benefits of Having a “Go-To” According to Barry Schwartz, I’m a maximizer. This means I tend to over-deliberate on decisions – large and small – and, if that wasn’t bad enough, then spend excessive time regretting decisions once they’ve been made, all in an effort to make sure I have in fact made the absolute best decision possible. Yep, gotta … Continue reading "Decide Once: The Benefits of Having a “Go-To”" Organization Productivity
May 12, 2021Don’t Quote Me: Identifying Great Opportunities Great opportunities never have “great opportunity” in the subject line. Scott Belsky We’re faced with choices – hundreds of them – every day. At first glance, the ideal outcome would appear to be selection of the most: lucrative, pleasurable or beneficial. How often do great opportunities only reveal themselves after a decision has been made? … Continue reading "Don’t Quote Me: Identifying Great Opportunities" Don't Quote Me
May 11, 2021A To-Do List Hack: E-mail Yourself As a busy mother and small-business owner, I sometimes feel like I should add “professional juggler” as a line item on my CV. Amidst the work deadlines, Friday grocery order and choir/baseball/tennis/ukulele club pickups, there are dental appointments to book, baby shower gifts to purchase (then wrap and deliver), and any number of other competing … Continue reading "A To-Do List Hack: E-mail Yourself" Productivity Time Management