April 11, 2022Why Am I Rushing? This Is My Favourite Part… A few weeks ago I carved out time to work on some blog posts before supper. The kids were occupied and I had tackled all my pressing to-do’s for the day. I love showing up here; I enjoy working through my ideas over time and slowly seeing them take shape on the screen in front … Continue reading "Why Am I Rushing? This Is My Favourite Part…" Life Memory Maker
April 8, 2022Casual Friday + Another Look at the Scale And just like that, it’s Friday again. We’ve planned a few quasi-last-minute adventures and I’ll be back next week with all the details. The weather forecast is not ideal, but we’ll make the most of what comes our way. But first, a quick recap of the week that was… FRIDAY | I had a rough … Continue reading "Casual Friday + Another Look at the Scale" Casual Friday Food & Body
April 7, 2022He Was Right About the Dishwasher… Fact #1: I love our dishwasher. Until a little over four years ago I had never rented, owned, or otherwise lived in a space with a dishwasher. I know some people willfully go without, but I hope never to be without a dishwasher again. Lest you worry about my home economic skills – I still … Continue reading "He Was Right About the Dishwasher…" Life Relationships
April 6, 2022On 90 Days of Walking On January 1st I decided to start walking (outside) at least 1 km a day. And that’s exactly what I’ve done for 90 days and counting. I’ve walked in rain. I’ve walked in freezing rain. I’ve walked in hail. High winds? Check. Icy sidewalks? Check, check, check. I’ve trudged through snowdrifts and walked in multiple … Continue reading "On 90 Days of Walking" Food & Body Mental Health
April 5, 2022Favourites <> March 2022 1. JOHN’S SABBATICAL I knew how much our family needed this break; I don’t think I realized how much I needed this break. It has been wonderful in so many ways. Without a doubt my top favourite “thing” in March. 2. MARCH BREAK Our visit to see my parents over the kids’ spring/March break was … Continue reading "Favourites <> March 2022" Favourite Things
April 4, 2022The Satisfaction of Finding The Right Tool I’ve talked a few times about how little changes can have a disproportionate impact; relocating our CO detector made play with the kids easier and moving deodorant to a different drawer streamlined my morning routine. Implementing both of these (tiny, seemingly insignificant) tweaks was also deeply satisfying. And the other day I realized another common … Continue reading "The Satisfaction of Finding The Right Tool" Home Organization Parenting