May 17, 2022Am I Tackling a Branch or a Root? I don’t subscribe to many newsletters, but if I could only choose one to receive it would be James Clear’s 3-2-1 Thursday. I’ve taken so many quotes from this weekly (short-but-insightful) collection of thoughts. From a recent newsletter, the following: Remove the branches of a thorn bush today and you’ll avoid a scrape this year. … Continue reading "Am I Tackling a Branch or a Root?" Don't Quote Me Here's A Thought
May 16, 2022Abandoning Books, TBR Lists, and Other Reading Miscellany These posts are always fun to pull together. I love to read and, it appears, many others in the world do too. Plus the “quirks” surrounding reading habits can be downright fascinating (and polarizing – like the fact my father often reads the end of a book…first). Here is another assortment of reading miscellany I’ve … Continue reading "Abandoning Books, TBR Lists, and Other Reading Miscellany" Reading
May 13, 2022Casual Friday + A Hike and Water Woes Well. That was a week. After this post goes up, I have a full day of quarterly meetings + quarterly and annual reports are also due…but then comes the weekend and I. Am. Ready. I tend to start these Casual Friday posts with the “biggest” news of the week; last week, the fact I washed … Continue reading "Casual Friday + A Hike and Water Woes" Casual Friday
May 12, 2022Chopped: Frost Family Edition (Or, I Made Chocolate Curls) I made homemade chocolate curls last weekend and it wasn’t a big deal (so easy, who knew?!). But still, I MADE chocolate curls. Gold star? Several years ago we went through a period of watching The Food Network as a family. Abby, in particular, couldn’t get enough of Beat Bobby Flay and The Pioneer Woman. … Continue reading "Chopped: Frost Family Edition (Or, I Made Chocolate Curls)" Food & Body Memory Maker Parenting
May 11, 2022Sometimes I Just Have to Live With the (False) Guilt Years ago, after the birth of one of my babies, I went to see a postpartum specialist. All the emotions and exhaustion of motherhood felt manageable – until they didn’t. I only saw this therapist a handful of times and, have to admit, we didn’t click. She was lovely, but I left each appointment feeling…about … Continue reading "Sometimes I Just Have to Live With the (False) Guilt" Mental Health
May 10, 2022When Possible, Choose Beautiful Things I’ve written about this topic before, but it keeps coming to mind. Some of the text below is recycled from an old blog post, but I’ve added in a few new thoughts. While you and I may look at a Jackson Pollock, van Gogh or Picasso and have wildly different visceral responses (regarding the aforementioned: … Continue reading "When Possible, Choose Beautiful Things" Here's A Thought Home