December 20, 20212021 Goal Recap + 2022 Forecasting A few months ago I wrote about my 2021 Goals (it was really fun to go back and revisit this post!) and how I select and track annual goals. This year feels the same, but different – this time I’m brainstorming with my list of values physically printed out in front of me. As we … Continue reading "2021 Goal Recap + 2022 Forecasting" Life Organization Time Management
December 18, 2021Saturday Bonus <> Christmas Decorations!!! I talk about minimalism quite a bit here on the blog but have to admit I’m not sure where I fall on the scale in terms of Christmas decorations? I feel like we decorate less than many other people?? But then I know others that do nothing at all by way of holiday decor. Growing … Continue reading "Saturday Bonus <> Christmas Decorations!!!" Holidays Home Life Memory Maker Organization
December 17, 2021Casual Friday + Some Thoughts on Body Image This week has felt…better. Some tough moments, but also lots of good ones too. I’m feeling (slightly) more festive, though I still can’t believe Christmas Eve is only a week away! Somehow, without the typical fanfare and extended array of concerts (these used to start for us in NOVEMBER), it feels like Christmas has snuck … Continue reading "Casual Friday + Some Thoughts on Body Image" Casual Friday Food & Body Holidays
December 16, 2021Peek Into Our Christmas: Favourite Traditions I do love this time of year, and I’m trying to squeeze every ounce of fun I can out of the season. I’ve learned, maybe more than ever this time around, that life really does feel like a roller coaster. There are always going to be ups and downs – frequently within a single day. … Continue reading "Peek Into Our Christmas: Favourite Traditions" Family Food & Body Holidays
December 15, 2021Some Thrifting Hacks at Christmas I enjoy saving money. Any time of year is great, but it feels especially satisfying at Christmas. These are a few of those “satisfying” hacks that I’ve used at various times through the years; nothing here is likely to shave 100s of dollars off your credit card bill, but little things do add up (and … Continue reading "Some Thrifting Hacks at Christmas" Holidays Money
December 14, 2021Some Thoughts On Saving Money (Can I Touch This in December?) It might seem a bit strange to talk about saving money in the middle of the biggest shopping extravaganza of the year. But, to me at least, it’s a fun topic. I think finding ways to be fiscally conservative – while appreciating certain luxuries money can buy – is about as fun as cleaning out … Continue reading "Some Thoughts On Saving Money (Can I Touch This in December?)" Money