June 3, 2021Why You Might Consider Taking a Wallet Inventory Although it’s been well over a decade, I remember it like it was yesterday – the building panic we felt when my now-husband misplaced his wallet. The missing cash almost seemed immaterial; it was more horrifying to consider the hours that would be required to cancel, renew and otherwise deal with the logistics of replacing … Continue reading "Why You Might Consider Taking a Wallet Inventory" Life Organization
June 2, 2021Don’t Quote Me: Eventually, You Can Learn to Avoid the Hole The first movie my now-husband and I ever watched together was Groundhog Day. In the film, Bill Murray’s character – crotchety weatherman Phil Conners – ends up trapped in a frustrating time loop. He wakes up each day to find himself reliving the previous day. Over and over and over. At first he’s frantic, then … Continue reading "Don’t Quote Me: Eventually, You Can Learn to Avoid the Hole" Don't Quote Me Life
June 1, 2021A Decision Hack: Copy Someone Else I’m a maximizer. This means I tend to overcomplicate, overthink (and over-regret) decisions. A friend once told me “Good enough is good enough.” They are clearly a satisficer. If there is a way to go from good to great, sign me up. Ask me to pick out a pair of new running shoes and I … Continue reading "A Decision Hack: Copy Someone Else" Life
May 31, 2021Here’s a Thought: Leave a Buffer I grew up with a father who believed if you weren’t 10 minutes early to an appointment, you were late. When I headed out into the world I carried this belief with me. In the four years of my undergraduate degree, I was never late for a single 8:30 AM class (which I had almost … Continue reading "Here’s a Thought: Leave a Buffer" Here's A Thought Time Management
May 28, 2021Casual Friday + Love of the Week It’s my birthday week. What a year this has been. Such an unusual time for our family, our country, our world. Some things have maintained a predictable rhythm, and then other things – like school, border and church closures – still feel so dystopian. Lots to reflect upon, so much to be thankful for and, … Continue reading "Casual Friday + Love of the Week" Casual Friday Life
May 27, 2021Resetting (and Setting) the Room While reading Atomic Habits by James Clear – a manifesto of sorts on how to make actionable progress on self-improvement goals – I was struck by his description of someone’s habit of “resetting the room.” For example, when this friend finished watching television, he would place the remote back on the TV stand, arrange the … Continue reading "Resetting (and Setting) the Room" Organization Productivity