December 29, 2021Christmas 2021 Roundup: The Gifts Christmas Eve I (momentarily) felt like the biggest hypocrite ever. For all my talk of minimalism, there were a lot of gifts. Somehow I always seem to forget that gifts trickle in from other sources. A very sweet neighbour, unexpected parcels from one of my sisters (we don’t typically exchange gifts, but she had a … Continue reading "Christmas 2021 Roundup: The Gifts" Family Holidays Memory Maker
December 27, 2021Christmas 2021: Cherry Cheesecake, Cardboard Boxes, a Broken Ornament, and Beaches We ate cherry cheesecake this year. Somehow that feels significant – in a world that feels slightly (completely?) topsy-turvy. Some things stayed constant and for that I am grateful! I’ve been honest lately about how “heavy” things have felt – and while Christmas was absolutely lovely and we are blessed so richly, it did still … Continue reading "Christmas 2021: Cherry Cheesecake, Cardboard Boxes, a Broken Ornament, and Beaches" Family Holidays Memory Maker
December 24, 2021Casual Friday + It’s Christmas Eve!!! It feels both sad, and reflective, that the first line item I thought to write down involved COVID. But it continues to have very real impacts around the world two years on. Closer to home, things are shutting down; restrictions are back in effect, and we’re hunkering at home and feeling so, so thankful for … Continue reading "Casual Friday + It’s Christmas Eve!!!" Family Holidays Home
December 23, 2021My Own Secret of Adulthood – Not Everything Needs Doing I really appreciate Gretchen Rubin. I’ve read all her books. I listen to her podcast. I follow her blog. I’ve signed up for her newsletter. I’ve been a Gretchen Rubin groupie for almost a decade now, with no signs of waning. One of my favourite parts of the first book I read – her bestselling … Continue reading "My Own Secret of Adulthood – Not Everything Needs Doing" Life Productivity Time Management
December 22, 2021Giving Some Thought to Contingencies I like to think I have a relatively good handle on life responsibilities. Sure it’s a juggling act: appointments, work meetings, supper prep, laundry, and getting Aunt Mabel’s birthday card in the mail on time (I don’t actually have an Aunt Mabel, and I don’t even send birthday cards to any of my aunts – … Continue reading "Giving Some Thought to Contingencies" Life Organization Parenting Time Management
December 21, 2021Favourite Blog Posts – 2021 I have wanted to start a blog for over a decade; I’ve had an unrelenting urge to carve out my own little space on the internet, sit down at my computer, and process life in my own bubble. In 2021 I made that dream (sounds a bit grandiose, but it really was!) a reality. The … Continue reading "Favourite Blog Posts – 2021" Life Memory Maker