May 28, 2022Casual Saturday + Travel + A Birthday My posts from earlier in the week were drafted and prescheduled last month and, as such, didn’t address the events that unfolded at Robb Elementary School. I’m writing this in the wee hours of Saturday morning and don’t know the “right” words (can there even be “right” words at a time like this?), but I … Continue reading "Casual Saturday + Travel + A Birthday" Casual Friday Holidays
May 26, 2022I Did All the Jobs on My List. And Enjoyed Them. I’ve already admitted that I’m no connoisseur of poetry. I like simple, accessible poems (especially Loveliest of Trees by A.E. Housman) – and for that, I have to look no further than The Orange by Wendy Cope. Reading this poem makes me happy. And hungry. At lunchtime I bought a huge orange—The size of it … Continue reading "I Did All the Jobs on My List. And Enjoyed Them." Life
May 23, 2022For Me, A Successful Bedtime Starts at Supper I need a lot of sleep. I want a lot of sleep. I don’t always get a lot of sleep. (Overall my sleep has been greatly improved of late, though I’m writing this on a day I woke at 3:15 am. Update: I’m editing this on a day I woke at 2:54 am). Sometimes the … Continue reading "For Me, A Successful Bedtime Starts at Supper" Food & Body
May 20, 2022Casual Friday + A Week of Mondays At times over the last 7 days, it felt like I was living through a week of Mondays. But let’s start off with some excellent news: the kitchen plumbing has been fixed and it has been wonderful to hear the dishwasher whirring or to hand-wash dishes in the sink and have all the water disappear … Continue reading "Casual Friday + A Week of Mondays" Casual Friday Family
May 19, 2022Summer Break/Posting Schedule It’s not actually summer yet, as the periodic frigid mornings are quick to remind me. But, in Canada, Monday (an observed holiday) marks the unofficial start of summer. The seasonal shops are opening, people are testing lawnmowers that have overwintered in backyard sheds, and I’ve loaded a tote with bug spray, a picnic blanket and … Continue reading "Summer Break/Posting Schedule" Life
May 18, 2022The First Imperfection is the Hardest I’m always a sucker for the pretty sneakers. My latest set? A pastel pink pair with white soles. At first, I selected walking routes based on the weather report. Really. For months I tiptoed around puddles and groaned when I saw some new hazard come my way. But their demise was inevitable; I’d known this … Continue reading "The First Imperfection is the Hardest" Here's A Thought Mental Health