October 4, 2021I’m A Memory Keeper: Photobooks + How I Organize My Pictures. Earlier this summer I took some time to identify things I value. It took a while to get the proverbial ball rolling but, once I did, the list kept growing. I accepted the fact that I value time alone, calm, and order. I value date nights and having 1-on-1 time with my kids. I value … Continue reading "I’m A Memory Keeper: Photobooks + How I Organize My Pictures." Family Life Memory Maker Organization Travel
October 1, 2021Casual Friday + A Work Update My father-in-law is visiting. It’s the first time we’ve seen him since October 2019 due to the all-too-familiar travel restrictions of COVID. We’re looking forward to Thanksgiving (the Canadian variety; second Monday in October), sharing good food and just spending time together. It’s a long time to go between visits and the kids have grown … Continue reading "Casual Friday + A Work Update" Career Life Work
September 30, 2021Parenting Hack: Talk About a Mutually Agreeable Subject. Repetition Encouraged. Ready for this? I don’t actually enjoy “playing” with my kids*. I want to be one of those mothers who jumps into the middle of a pick-up soccer game or spends hours on the floor playing Barbies. But I’m not. *a game of hide-and-seek can be fun every few months. Some of this is because I’ve … Continue reading "Parenting Hack: Talk About a Mutually Agreeable Subject. Repetition Encouraged." Life Parenting Relationships
September 29, 2021Destination Nova Scotia: Cape Breton’s Skyline Trail Despite growing up in Nova Scotia I’ll shamefully admit, at one point, I didn’t realize Cape Breton was actually a part of my home province. Separated from the mainland by a causeway, that short stretch of rock and asphalt marks a dramatic shift in topography. With my geographic ignorance remedied, I traveled to numerous other … Continue reading "Destination Nova Scotia: Cape Breton’s Skyline Trail" Nova Scotia Travel
September 28, 2021Here’s a Thought: Do I Have the Right Tools? I sometimes (often) put up with minor – or major – inconveniences for a shockingly long time. I wore running sneakers for months past their expiration date when they were giving me painful blisters. I’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time hunting for the one pen that works among the dozen or so cluttering up … Continue reading "Here’s a Thought: Do I Have the Right Tools?" Here's A Thought Life Productivity
September 27, 2021Dear Elisabeth: Why I Wrote Myself a Letter In a particularly challenging season – two young children, a new house (our first) that came with a delightful set of very expensive “surprises,” and a husband traveling out of the country 50% of the time – I felt like another crisis was always around the corner. Often, it was. A week after moving into … Continue reading "Dear Elisabeth: Why I Wrote Myself a Letter" Mental Health Parenting Time Management