November 20, 2022Ways To Dread Winter (Slightly) Less I’ve never watched a single episode of Game of Thrones. But guess what, I still know that Winter is coming. Years ago an extended family member was late in finalizing some items for a birthday. Despite the fact it wasn’t even my birthday, I was still a bit huffy about the whole situation. In my … Continue reading "Ways To Dread Winter (Slightly) Less" Home Mental Health
November 19, 2022Every Day Is Better If It Includes… Several times over the years a friend has told me: Every day is better if it includes a banana. We both happen to like bananas (for me, especially when topped with a liberal smear of peanut butter), but I certainly don’t eat a banana every day. But, when I do, I almost always think of … Continue reading "Every Day Is Better If It Includes…" Favourite Things Food & Body Random
November 18, 2022Casual Friday + Low/Medium/High-Lights Hey, hey, hey. It’s Friday. We’re about to launch into one long continuous string of celebrations and activities. Levi’s birthday party tomorrow (8 kids, 2.5 hours, my house; enough said). My father-in-law comes for a week-long visit on Monday. There are some fun church events (including three nights participating in a Live Nativity production; I’m … Continue reading "Casual Friday + Low/Medium/High-Lights" Casual Friday Life
November 17, 2022Weird, True, and/or Random First, a sincere thank you to everyone for their supportive comments on yesterday’s post. This community of readers is a testament to how we’re truly stronger together! And now let’s turn our attention to decidedly lighter fare. Every once in a while it’s fun to do a brain dump of random/irrelevant things I’ve noticed/thought about. … Continue reading "Weird, True, and/or Random" Life Random
November 16, 2022When Your Brain Feels Broken… *I wrote this at the end of the summer – a point in time when I was struggling emotionally for a number of reasons. Writing is cathartic for me, so the simple act of translating these scattered thoughts into words helped me process my experience. I shared this piece with a few people, but opted … Continue reading "When Your Brain Feels Broken…" Mental Health
November 15, 2022Every Flight Counts: A Movement Hack + Call for Questions This feels like such a little thing – almost too small to mention without it sounding ridiculous. But it’s a conscious decision I’ve made regularly for the last six months or so that I’ve found to be helpful – so I’ll share it here today for what it’s worth. As part of keeping myself active … Continue reading "Every Flight Counts: A Movement Hack + Call for Questions" Exercise Food & Body