May 4, 2022A Health Update Circa May 2022 People have been so kind with their inquiries about my health and I thought it was time for a little update. Things are (mostly) good. It does feel a bit daunting to put this in writing because I occasionally succumb to thoughts like: “What happens if/when everything starts to fall apart?” But that’s no way … Continue reading "A Health Update Circa May 2022" Food & Body Life Mental Health
May 3, 2022Cherry Blossoms: Fifty Springs Are Little Room For starters, I’m not a poetry buff. Much of it – modern and otherwise – goes over my head. But every once in a while, I’ll stumble across a poem that has staying power. For example, I have deep sentimental attachments to Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (Robert Frost) and Aedh Wishes for … Continue reading "Cherry Blossoms: Fifty Springs Are Little Room" Don't Quote Me Here's A Thought
May 2, 2022Favourites <> April 2022 Where did the last month go? Seriously! It was just March, and now it’s May and my head is still spinning. I think an unexpected snow day, our trip to PEI, and the time off around Easter made April seem more like an aberration than reality. But it did exist – all 30 days of … Continue reading "Favourites <> April 2022" Favourite Things
April 29, 2022Casual Friday + NYC Recommendations? Another week and, as usual, I’m glad it’s Friday. It was a productive (and largely enjoyable) week. But still, the relief and sense of expansive freedom provided by Friday evenings just can’t be replicated. My (admittedly superficial) highlight of the week? We got Wordle in two tries. Our family celebration would rival any touchdown dance … Continue reading "Casual Friday + NYC Recommendations?" Casual Friday Travel
April 28, 2022Acceptance Doesn’t (Have To) Preclude Growth I’ve been mulling over comments from my post a few weeks ago on weight and body image. It’s a complicated topic and I naturally approach it from the perspective of personal experience. Many commentators talked about pursuing/finding “peace” and coming to a place of “acceptance” and those words reminded me of a quote I wrote … Continue reading "Acceptance Doesn’t (Have To) Preclude Growth" Food & Body Mental Health
April 27, 2022Do You Have a Compliment? Give It! To my shame, I leave a lot of compliments/verbal affirmations unspoken, especially to those I love the most. And I want that behaviour to change because I know I’m overlooking the power of (genuine) compliments. A few months ago I wrote about an unexpected incident in a checkout line at the DollarStore. I was masked, … Continue reading "Do You Have a Compliment? Give It!" Here's A Thought Memory Maker Relationships