September 15, 2021Snippets of Life Lately: iPhone Dump I have a love/hate relationship with my iPhone. I hate that it has a tendency to distract me – I try really hard, not always successfully, to keep my screentime around 1 hr/day. It’s easy to get sucked into text loops (which can be a good thing) or newsfeeds (almost always a bad thing). I … Continue reading "Snippets of Life Lately: iPhone Dump" Life Nova Scotia Parenting Relationships
September 14, 2021Destination Nova Scotia: White Point Living in Nova Scotia for over a decade, I feel like we’ve covered most of the highlights. We’ve visited Peggy’s Cove (a dozen times), seen the Bluenose II in port, and even tested our sea legs for an authentic Maritime island experience. We’ve driven the world-famous Cabot Trail, spotted whales in the wild, and climbed … Continue reading "Destination Nova Scotia: White Point" Life Nova Scotia Relationships Travel
September 13, 2021Our In-Home Date Nights – Why & How I’ve mentioned our in-home date nights in passing several times but thought they deserved a post of their own. This weekly tradition originated back when we were financially strapped entrepreneurs. Living in a small space without much access to childcare – and without any real means or desire to spend exorbitant sums of money on … Continue reading "Our In-Home Date Nights – Why & How" Life Parenting Relationships
September 10, 2021Casual Friday + More Clutter Q&A Where I live, Tuesday marked the first day back to school. Despite an original forecast of rain, it ended up being hot and sunny all day long. What a great way to launch the academic term (we walked of course)! John and I managed to sneak away this week to use his grand-prize win – … Continue reading "Casual Friday + More Clutter Q&A" Life Nova Scotia
September 9, 2021Kids Clutter + Cleanup Chores: A Q&A Somehow every time I get going on a theme I realize that how I incorporate said topic into my parenting approach deserves its own post. Such is the case with decluttering and my pseudo-minimalism. do you enforce decluttering on your kids? Are you kids rooms super neat? So, I’m not actually a true minimalist. I … Continue reading "Kids Clutter + Cleanup Chores: A Q&A" Life Organization Parenting
September 8, 2021Don’t Quote Me: Less But Better – Advice for Decluttering and Life. I’ve been talking about clutter all week. And while I’d never label myself a minimalist, I appreciate many of the sentiments and motivations that are associated with the movement. One of my favourites is the idea of less but better. For years, true to my frugal nature, I bought exclusively inexpensive shoes. If I happened … Continue reading "Don’t Quote Me: Less But Better – Advice for Decluttering and Life." Don't Quote Me Life Organization