October 27, 2021Chores: Outsourcing, What the Kids Do, and other General Q&A I really enjoyed my weekly series on food a few months back (which even got a shout-out from one of my favourite bloggers – Sarah Hart-Unger). I’ve tackled travel on a budget and spent a week talking about clutter. This time I thought I’d delve into the never-ending world of household chores, kicking things off … Continue reading "Chores: Outsourcing, What the Kids Do, and other General Q&A" Life Organization Work
October 25, 2021A Day in the Life (Circa October 2021) Years ago I was a guest blogger for a Day in the Life series (sadly, I can’t actually find the link to that post and don’t even remember the name of the blog). It was a lot of fun…and also a completely different season of life. Abby was still having milk in sippy cups each … Continue reading "A Day in the Life (Circa October 2021)" Life Parenting Time Management
October 22, 2021Casual Friday + Love of the Week I’m not that “in” to Halloween. My family never decorated growing up, and I like to keep my focus on Christmas. That said, I put up our pumpkin mini-lights last week, and everyone in the house keeps commenting on them. A thrift store find years ago, I leave the mini-light string up all year round … Continue reading "Casual Friday + Love of the Week" Casual Friday Life
October 21, 2021Don’t Quote Me: Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow I have the following scribbled down on a sticky note (of the electronic variety) on the home screen of my laptop: Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow. Unknown I’m not sure where I stumbled across this quote, but it’s a great sentiment. I’m going to make mistakes. Today, tomorrow, the day after that. Sometimes mistakes are … Continue reading "Don’t Quote Me: Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow" Don't Quote Me Mental Health
October 20, 2021How We Capture Family Photos Inexpensively (and Yes, It Can Involve Tears) I am not a fan of having my picture taken. This is actually a major understatement. I have always loathed it. I don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, struggle to smile authentically and, as I’ve mentioned before, almost always have my eyes half or fully closed. We take a lot of pictures in … Continue reading "How We Capture Family Photos Inexpensively (and Yes, It Can Involve Tears)" Family Life Memory Maker
October 19, 2021Why It Might Be Smart to Fail On Purpose For as long as I can remember I’ve been aiming for gold stars and A+’s. Competitive at heart, I like recognition for accomplishments and have often worked harder for a commendation than for the result. Also, to my dying day, I will be able to hear my mother’s words ringing in my ears to always … Continue reading "Why It Might Be Smart to Fail On Purpose" Productivity Time Management