November 6, 2021Saturday Bonus <> I Need to Heed My Own Advice – On Adding Buffers After five years of organizing after-school pickup, I was beyond relieved to jump on the bussing bandwagon last year. We enjoy walking to school and, pre-COVID, the hassle of after-school pickup (having to arrive 25 minutes early to find a parking spot) was offset by the fact that a large and dedicated group of parents … Continue reading "Saturday Bonus <> I Need to Heed My Own Advice – On Adding Buffers" Family Life Organization Time Management
November 5, 2021Casual Friday + Maintenance Cleaning It was another one of those up-and-down weeks. Wednesday morning I woke up feeling…blah. Tuesday I was a powerhouse of productivity – we had a great walk to school, I tackled a bunch of lingering administrative tasks, I was proactive on work responsibilities, I started thinking through year-end/corporate taxes (always daunting) and had a call … Continue reading "Casual Friday + Maintenance Cleaning" Casual Friday Organization
November 3, 2021Destination Nova Scotia: Cabot Trail + Cape Breton Around this time last year our family completed a trek around the Cabot Trail – a 300 km highway that winds through the Cape Breton Highlands offering stunning views of the ocean, woodlands, and other-worldly rock formations. There are countless itineraries put forward by travel bloggers and Tourism Nova Scotia. This is not going to … Continue reading "Destination Nova Scotia: Cabot Trail + Cape Breton" Family Nova Scotia Travel
November 1, 2021No Chocolate This Halloween (For Me, Not the Kids) Last fall I found myself on an elimination diet; no wheat, no dairy, no soy, no peanut butter. No Halloween candy. This meant, unlike other years, there was no debating. No rationing. No binging. And no early-November surge on the scale. Turns out, a Halloween without candy (as an adult at least) was fine. In … Continue reading "No Chocolate This Halloween (For Me, Not the Kids)" Food & Body Mental Health
October 30, 2021Saturday Bonus <> October Edition I’ve really missed posting 5x/week. I’m seeing all sorts of bloggers post about their intentions to publish every day in November (NaBloPoMo, which is a take on the infamous NaNoWriMo). As much as I’d like to jump on the same bandwagon, it’s not going to happen. Something has to give in this busy season, and … Continue reading "Saturday Bonus <> October Edition" Home Life Organization
October 29, 2021Casual Friday + Deep-Dive Into Laundry John and Abby picked out our family pumpkins last weekend. Somehow she managed to talk him in to getting what were surely the three biggest pumpkins in the field. For real. They filled the entire trunk. The idea is to make a snowman out of pumpkins. We shall see how that goes. I’ve gladly delegated … Continue reading "Casual Friday + Deep-Dive Into Laundry" Casual Friday Home Organization Parenting