June 29, 2021Life Hack: Would This Be Easier with Multiples? I don’t particularly enjoy spending money and often deliberate over decisions ad nauseam in an attempt to maximize my returns. I’m also a big fan of de-cluttering and have realized (for me at least) the easiest way to maintain a clean-ish house is to have less stuff. But sometimes, it helps to buy more. Specifically, … Continue reading "Life Hack: Would This Be Easier with Multiples?" Life Organization Time Management
June 28, 2021Here’s A Thought: Do You Binge or Savour? Do you prefer to binge or savour? At Christmas and on my birthday, I binge Twizzlers. Yes, Twizzlers. A huge part of the pleasure (for me) is to eat Twizzlers in large quantities. I feel minimal guilt – I eat very little candy the rest of the year – but that one package is consumed … Continue reading "Here’s A Thought: Do You Binge or Savour?" Food & Body Here's A Thought Life
June 25, 2021Casual Friday + Love of the Week Got milk? It’s official! John – husband-and-photography extraordinaire – is the Grand Prize winner of the 2021 Saltscapes Amateur Photography contest. Cue all the jazz hands. His acceptance speech goes out to cheeky cow #88 whose willingness to cooperate for the camera is responsible for our prize: a 2-night, all-inclusive stay in a seaside cottage … Continue reading "Casual Friday + Love of the Week" Casual Friday Life
June 24, 2021Zoom in on Perfection – It’s an Illusion I’ve been reading home renovation blogs for years.* *To clarify, this is one of those interests that remains strictly in the “aspirational” category. I once tackled a painting project my brother-in-law promised would take an hour – or less – to complete. It took me 6 hours and two trips to the hardware store. I … Continue reading "Zoom in on Perfection – It’s an Illusion" Here's A Thought Life
June 23, 2021Don’t Quote Me: Where Do You Want to Get To? I’ve always been a goal-oriented person. Living under the same roof as my (wonderful) parents, I strove for independence. At university, four years were dedicated to the goal of graduation; on to grad school and ditto. Throw in marriage, two kids, and a few passive career decisions and I simply moved from one clearly defined … Continue reading "Don’t Quote Me: Where Do You Want to Get To?" Don't Quote Me Life
June 22, 2021Cleaning Hack: Have Less Stuff Can I let you in on a little secret? Want to know one of the easiest ways to have a neat(er) house? Have less stuff. Intuitive, yes, but harder to implement than you might imagine. One of my favourite ways to unwind is to declutter a space – the kitchen, a closet, my purse. I … Continue reading "Cleaning Hack: Have Less Stuff" Life Organization