November 26, 2022On Uncertainty and the “Woman Across the Room” I love quotes. I’ve been collecting them for decades and even printed off a big collection of my favourites a few years ago. So it’s always a thrill when I come across something new to add to my collection – and even more thrilling when a quote bounces around in my head for days. Here … Continue reading "On Uncertainty and the “Woman Across the Room”" Don't Quote Me
November 25, 2022Casual Friday + “The Worst Birthday Party Ever” The finish line is in sight, my blogging friends. This time next week NaBloPoMo 2022 will be in my rearview mirror. I love writing (and reading and commenting), but I have to say: I’m tired! Once again, a huge thanks to San for organizing this event, and congrats to my fellow participants for seeing things … Continue reading "Casual Friday + “The Worst Birthday Party Ever”" Casual Friday Parenting
November 24, 2022This (American) Thanksgiving: Recent Awesome Things Does anyone else remember the hype surrounding Neil Pasricha’s string of bestsellers that started with The Book of Awesome? If you’re not familiar, Pasricha writes about everyday things that, when you stop to think, are really awesome, like: finding cash in an old coat pocket, when cashiers open up new checkout lanes at the grocery … Continue reading "This (American) Thanksgiving: Recent Awesome Things" Gratitude Holidays Memory Maker
November 23, 2022Ask Me (Almost) Anything: Vol. 2 – Grab Bag I’m baaaaccckkkk…with another round of Ask Me (Almost) Anything! Yesterday I tackled questions related to kids and travel. Today I’m sorting through an interesting smorgasbord of queries – several of which left me puzzling over how to respond. Without further ado: From Katie: Always curious about underbuying and minimalism and how it helps or hinders … Continue reading "Ask Me (Almost) Anything: Vol. 2 – Grab Bag" Q&A Random
November 22, 2022Ask Me (Almost) Anything: Vol. 1 – Kids + Travel First of all, thank you to everyone for submitting such thoughtful, hilarious, entertaining, ______(insert other descriptive words) questions. I have a feeling this will be a long post, so let’s jump right in: KIDS From Lisa: How long were you married before you had kids? Less than two years. I was surprised to get a … Continue reading "Ask Me (Almost) Anything: Vol. 1 – Kids + Travel" Parenting Q&A Random
November 21, 2022More Thoughts On the Power of the “Right” Words This seems like a fitting day to post on the power of the “right” words because my second-born child – and favourite son* – turned eight this morning. And when I was pregnant with Levi, someone said exactly the right words at exactly the right time. *When I was younger my Mom would often say, … Continue reading "More Thoughts On the Power of the “Right” Words" Life Mental Health Relationships