June 28, 2022Good Things I Don’t Have to Do This Summer Time is finite, but the options for filling that time can feel infinite. And there are a lot of fun, productive, and “good” things with which we can fill our allotted hours. It can feel hard, then, to balance the doing with resting. I’ve written before about Good Things I Don’t Have to Do: here … Continue reading "Good Things I Don’t Have to Do This Summer" Life Memory Maker Parenting
June 27, 2022I Own A Lot of Scissors About a month ago a friend sent the following text: Somehow my scissor collection became a topic of conversation at our book club. It seemed shocking to those closest to me that I would own a lot of any item. I do love to declutter, but believe there are certain items that should appear in … Continue reading "I Own A Lot of Scissors" Home Organization
June 22, 2022‘But’ Is a Powerful Word. How Did You Use It Today? Ever notice how quickly we can change the tone of our story by injecting one little word? But. On the surface, it looks like an innocuous conjunction, yet it carries significant weight. I love you, but…I want to say yes, but…I tried my best but… And it’s easy to gravitate toward bringing good things down. … Continue reading "‘But’ Is a Powerful Word. How Did You Use It Today?" Life Mental Health
June 21, 2022Don’t Quote Me: On Grown-ups and Numbers Years ago I read Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s classic, The Little Prince. There are many memorable lines in that book, but I think of one quote regularly because it’s so true. *The Little Prince was written in French and translations vary; since my French skills are horrendous, I’ve simply picked my favourite English version of this … Continue reading "Don’t Quote Me: On Grown-ups and Numbers" Don't Quote Me
June 20, 2022Update: Outside Walks (Almost Every Day) Yesterday marked the 170th day of 2022. And, on 168 of those, I have walked at least 1 km outside. People could do it, conceivably for years, without any concentrated effort: think farmers or dog owners. So while I don’t consider my “streak” any grand achievement, it has been a subtle constant in my life … Continue reading "Update: Outside Walks (Almost Every Day)" Food & Body
June 17, 2022Casual Friday + NS Adventures How many weeks can I complain about feeling unsettled by our current lack of routine? Apparently at least two. This was yet another week that felt off-kilter as we hover between the routines of spring and summer. I had a small epiphany at one point – I think the main reason I find these in-between … Continue reading "Casual Friday + NS Adventures" Life Nova Scotia