January 21, 2022Casual Friday + Words of Wisdom from Anne with an “E” Thanks for all your support and well-wishes on Wednesday’s post. I know we all have our own hard, and it’s cathartic to hear and know that; it’s also good to band together and go joyfinding. I’ll do a bit of both here today. I ended up having a lot of screen time the last few … Continue reading "Casual Friday + Words of Wisdom from Anne with an “E”" Casual Friday Memory Maker Parenting
January 20, 2022Do You Read the Last Chapter First? And Other Questions for Readers… When my Dad picks up a book he typically turns to the last page to see how it all turns out. Does the guy get the girl, does the underdog win the trophy, does the nuclear bomb get disarmed in time? At this point you’re either recoiling in horror or nodding along in agreement, thinking … Continue reading "Do You Read the Last Chapter First? And Other Questions for Readers…" Reading
January 19, 2022Notes From A Decade of Being Tired My youngest, 7, brought home a workbook about his family last week (to complete at home during online learning). There were various writing cues, including things like: “What Makes My Family Special,” “Our Languages,” and “Special Celebrations.” On the main page, his Grade 1 class had been tasked with writing a family overview; the Coles … Continue reading "Notes From A Decade of Being Tired" Food & Body Life Mental Health
January 18, 2022Parenting Hack: Flip a Coin My kids fight…quite a lot about quite a lot of things. I think this is mostly normal and natural. My brother and I fought…quite a lot about quite a lot of things. Happily, we never fight now (granted he lives in Denmark, so there is significant friction of distance, but I’m glad to report that … Continue reading "Parenting Hack: Flip a Coin" Parenting Relationships
January 17, 2022Parenting Hack: Ice Wreaths (AKA: A Craft for the Uncrafty) We survived the week. By Friday afternoon I felt like toast – the slightly overdone, burnt-around-the-edges variety to which our kids turn up their noses. The type where even generous helpings of peanut butter and jam can’t disguise the fact that the toast, is in fact, too “toasty.” Like I’ve said, though, life is currently … Continue reading "Parenting Hack: Ice Wreaths (AKA: A Craft for the Uncrafty)" Memory Maker Parenting
January 14, 2022Casual Friday + Another Week of Joyfinding We lost our power last Friday. I alluded to this adventure in Monday’s post (my lamentations), and I was very thankful the experience was relatively shortlived. Several neighbouring streets (within eyesight of our home) were without power for days. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I was mostly disappointed about not being able to make my beloved waffles; … Continue reading "Casual Friday + Another Week of Joyfinding" Casual Friday Parenting