(More) Things I Wish I Liked (or Loved)

I’m back again with another round of Things I Wish I Liked (or Loved). This is not to be confused with Things I Know I Love (an important flip side to consider).

After all…everybody’s good at/interested in something and nobody’s good at/interested in everything.

more things i wish i liked

  • Strong coffee. I think it would be nice to enjoy strong (black) coffee. Earlier this spring I had a coffee that could have stripped varnish. The person who prepared said coffee downed her cup contentedly and I remembered, yet again, how much I dislike strong coffee.
  • Herbal tea. Let’s stick with the warm beverage theme for a minute. I’ve tried – really tried – to like herbal teas. I just don’t like them. Peppermint, lemon, chamomile, peach. Ick. They make a great caffeine-free option, but I don’t enjoy them.
  • Company (that sleeps over). I love my family (and non-family guests) but I’m always uptight when company comes to stay. It’s like I no longer feel at home in my own house when someone else is under my roof. I don’t sleep well, I never know how long I need to stay up with the guests in the evening, I worry about the timing of meals. It never feels appropriate to be in my pajamas by 7:30 pm, but that’s exactly what I want to do. Everything just feels slightly…off. Are the visits great? Yes. Do I love being surrounded by people I love? Yes. Do I want people to come visit me? Yes, yes, yes. Am I almost always ready for visitors to leave? Yes. I have an acquaintance that LOVES to have people in her home. She has even gone out of her way to have someone in her space long-term. This is not me, but I kinda wish it were?
  • Hills. I hate hills. Some people see them as a challenge and great addition to their workout, but I genuinely dislike hills when walking/running.
  • Playing sports. I am uncoordinated and unathletic (for sports at least). I love the idea of belonging to a women’s soccer league or playing volleyball with the kids in the backyard, but it is definitely not in my suite of talents.
  • Gardening. I wish I liked gardening. I love the aesthetic of a nicely landscaped yard, but have no desire to do these things myself.
  • Talking on the phone. I would prefer to exclusively text/e-mail (or see someone in person) – I don’t like talking on the phone. But I know there are some special people in my life who DO enjoy/prefer this mode of communication, so I wish I liked it more, especially for their sake.

Your turn. Anything you wish you liked (or loved). Do you enjoy black/strong coffee, hills, overnight company, and working up a sweat in your local recreational soccer league?

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My name is Elisabeth. It has been Elisabeth since the day I was born. And it is just Elisabeth.

Yet there are a number of people who call me Liz and I find the whole dynamic rather fascinating.

For example, the secretary at my doctor’s office always addresses me as Liz. I will introduce myself on the phone by saying “Hello, this is Elisabeth calling!” and she will immediately respond “Hi Liz!” She is the loveliest receptionist ever and I find it heartwarming.

But where did she get Liz?

I’m no stranger to nicknames. I have a brother Tim (Timothy), a sister Bec (Rebecca), and my Dad is Tom (Thomas). I have a brother-in-law that goes by his middle name, a brother-in-law Timothy (who does NOT go by Tim, which is convenient so we never confuse him with my brother, Tim), and a brother-in-law Chris (Christopher). I even have a child – Abby (Abigail) – that goes by a nickname.

But my name is Elisabeth.

Let’s take this story one layer further, shall we? Let’s talk about when I was called a completely different name.

Years ago, when the kids were still in preschool, another parent (who I knew very loosely, but I assumed we were on a first-name basis since I knew HER name) started very enthusiastically greeting me. As Anne.

The first time it happened I was…surprised? Confused? I guess I waved back/responded? But then she proceeded to do this for TWO WHOLE YEARS. Always very, very enthusiastically and with full confidence in her labeling of me. Even though in every context at preschool (including when I organized the teacher gift for two years and signed my name as Elisabeth on every single e-mail she received) I was Elisabeth.

Then there is the former work supervisor who had pegged me as Elizabeth (with a “z”) for years. Every single e-mail I sent her way was signed Elisabeth (with an “s”) yet she always addressed e-mails to me with a “z.” It didn’t bother me…until she submitted an application for a new e-mail address that was my full name and I had to tell her that I couldn’t have my name spelled as elizabethfrost@blahblah.com because my first name was actually spelled with an “s” and she was absolutely shocked. She even asked me if I had recently changed the spelling of my name. I had not; in fact, I had sent (and signed) 100s of e-mails as Elisabeth with an “s” over our working career together.

All that to say I’m Elisabeth, not Liz.

But I’ll even respond to “Anne” in a pinch.

How about you. Do you have a nickname or shortened name? Any funny stories to share on the topic?

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Things I Wish I Liked (Or Loved)

A few weeks ago Suzanne wrote a post that included a rundown of foods she wishes she enjoyed (if you’re curious they were: tomatoes, oatmeal, and eggs which, incidentally, are three of my favourite foods). She asked readers what food(s) they wished they liked (or at least tolerated), and it got me thinking…

You can choose what you do but you can’t choose what you like to do.

Gretchen Rubin

Sing it, Gretchen.

So here, in no particular order, are things I wish I liked (or loved).

  • Spicy food. I manage to hobble through life avoiding spice – I’m talking heat, not flavour – but occasionally the only thing on offer is spicy and it makes me miserable. It also feels like bring-your-own-Sriracha/(insert other specialty hot sauce) has become a cultural phenomenon – one in which I can’t participate which leads to some version of #FOMO.
  • Mornings. I am not a morning person. I can interact with people and get things done (and, with kids, early mornings are unavoidable). But I wish I was the sort of person who could leap from bed singing the Newsies soundtrack and rush to embrace the day. In reality, I’m more of the swing-one-creaking-leg-over-the-edge-of-the-bed-at-a-time-while-moaning sort of morning person.
  • Pets. Hear me out, all you dog and cat lovers. My mother was, and is, terrified of dogs. Some of my earliest memories are of my mother avoiding and/or actively running/biking away from dogs. I’m also allergic to cats and dogs (with fur). So the fact that I tolerate (and even like) most dogs is a huge leap forward. But I wish I loved them. And it’s not just dogs, I feel very meh about pets in general.
  • Running. Again, bear with me. I appreciate running for utilitarian reasons. I cover ground more quickly and, yes, there are great endorphins yada, yada. But it hurts my knees and it makes me sweat (and I hate sweating), and it makes me dislike hills even more than when I’m walking them. I can appreciate and even “like” running, but I wish I loved it.
  • Sweating. See above. I actually know people who enjoy sweating. I loathe it. And I almost always end up cold after I’ve been sweating. Ick.
  • Rollercoasters. There is a hit of adrenaline, but I’d rather stay on terra firma.
  • Classical music. I like classical music, but I wish I loved it. I feel so out of place when I look around at a concert and see people with their eyes closed in this trance-like state; I’m more likely to be thinking about my grocery list than paying attention to the music. I often put on classical playlists when I’m working, but aside from Beethoven’s Symphony No.7 in A major op.92 – II, Allegretto, which I enjoy immensely, it’s mostly pleasant background noise to me. (I do love lyrical music, though.)
  • Winter. No matter how I approach this subject…I don’t like winter. I’m well aware of the fun of sledding and skiing and skating. I still don’t like winter. Do I try to make the most out of it? Yes. But it all happens through gritted, chattering teeth.
  • Home renovations. One acquaintance actively looks for areas in her home to have renovated (she does outsource everything, but loves the whole process -from planning through to having contractors at her house for months on end). Another friend will randomly text that she decided to paint a room over the weekend – like this is NO BIG DEAL. To someone like me THIS IS A VERY BIG DEAL. I dislike every aspect of renovations – DIY or not. I can’t paint or use an electric drill properly and I can barely manage to hang a picture on the wall. But I also stress when someone else is in my house painting or hammering. Sigh.
  • Fresh flowers. I love the idea of fresh flowers but they always strike me as depressing in my own home. When I receive flowers I see a) another living thing I have to keep alive (I already have this responsibility with children!) that will, inevitably, b) die quickly, which means these flowers are c) a waste of money. (I do like plants, though, and seem to have good success keeping them alive by only watering once every 2 weeks – it’s my only “secret” and may have more to do with good luck than anything.)
  • Big groups. I’m introverted and wish I didn’t feel so ill-at-ease in any group bigger than 3-4 people.

Sometimes it makes sense to work on certain areas so they become more tolerable, but Gretchen Rubin’s right: generally, I can’t choose the things I like to do.

This means I’ll have to accept I’m unlikely to become a dog-walking, rollercoaster-riding, paint-brush-wielding gardener in my retirement years.

And that’s totally okay, right?

Your turn. Anything you wish you liked (or loved). Do you love fresh flowers, winter, home renos, and spicy food? Please tell me someone else dislikes sweating and mornings?!

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