June 10, 2023South Carolina Recap 2: Cookies, Candy, Charleston (and a Ballet + Mini-Golf) When we were planning a return trip to South Carolina, the kids had a few front-running requests based on highlights from 2022: “Laura’s” chocolate chip cookies (I’ve tried to make them twice and failed miserably), mini-golf, fishing, a trip to the Mast General Store, and boating. Read on to see how we managed with crossing … Continue reading "South Carolina Recap 2: Cookies, Candy, Charleston (and a Ballet + Mini-Golf)" Family Travel
June 9, 2023Casual Friday + A Catch-up Week We’ve been back from vacation for one week and life is slowly returning to normal. It was a mixed bag the last seven days, but things are ending on a high note! Levi got sick. Poor bud. That said, it was the best possible sick (if there is such a thing; as a mother, I … Continue reading "Casual Friday + A Catch-up Week" Casual Friday
June 8, 2023Books I Read on Vacation And, by vacation, I actually mean the books I read on the plane since I didn’t actually touch my reading while we were visiting family. But I did manage to read four books in transit to/from South Carolina. Of note, I read all of them in e-book format. While I appreciate the aesthetic and tactile … Continue reading "Books I Read on Vacation" Life
June 5, 2023South Carolina Recap 1: Getting There, Giraffes, Greenville (and a Butt Splinter) After over a decade of not visiting my sister and her family in their home state, we’ve now gone in back-to-back years! Our 2022 visit was actually a postponed trip originally scheduled for May 2020 (guess what happened). We had such a great time and, realizing that my sister’s kiddos are growing fast, wanted to … Continue reading "South Carolina Recap 1: Getting There, Giraffes, Greenville (and a Butt Splinter)" Family Travel
June 5, 2023One Pot Meals, Sunday Prep, and Other Food Miscellany The last few days have been…eventful. The morning after we returned from South Carolina, Abby headed off to a massive (2,000+) overnight youth event at sports stadium in New Brunswick. While I scrambled to find enough lunchbox items and get a sleeping bag from the storage room, she unpacked her suitcase and packed a smaller … Continue reading "One Pot Meals, Sunday Prep, and Other Food Miscellany" Food & Body Organization
June 2, 2023I’m Back (And A Bit Discombobulated) Time for a quick check-in! The last few weeks have been a blur of airplanes and delicious food and awesome experiences…and not quite enough sleep. We returned home yesterday from a 10-day trip to South Carolina to visit my sister and her family. We had a lovely time and enjoyed lots of fun adventures: a … Continue reading "I’m Back (And A Bit Discombobulated)" Family Life Travel