October 5, 2022Weighing Judgments I can’t remember where I read the following quote (it might have been BrenĂ© Brown?) but it went something along the lines of: Care the most about the judgments of people who care the most about you. (Side note: apparently both spellings are correct – judgements and judgments – though I’m still not sure which … Continue reading "Weighing Judgments" Here's A Thought Mental Health
October 4, 2022September Favourites I’m still shocked it’s actually October. September was a transitionary month for our family. Abby started middle school. After 5 years of ongoing projects, major home renovations are complete. I survived my first stint of solo-parenting since February. There were a lot of changes to routine; some moments felt euphoric and others felt…rather irksome. As … Continue reading "September Favourites" Favourite Things
October 3, 2022I Can Drive A Car (And That’s Awesome) The other day I was driving somewhere and suddenly thought: Isn’t it wonderful that I know how to drive a car! While this isn’t an ability I spend much time thinking about – and, family roadtrips aside, one of the perks of living in a small town is that we don’t have to do much … Continue reading "I Can Drive A Car (And That’s Awesome)" Here's A Thought Travel
September 30, 2022Casual Friday + IKEA Bested Me Well…that was quite a week. I am feeling pretty tuckered this morning, but mostly in a good way! We had a lot on our plate, but there were plenty of fun adventures sprinkled in along the way. John was overseas for a business trip and I am out of practice on the solo-parenting front! For … Continue reading "Casual Friday + IKEA Bested Me" Casual Friday
September 29, 2022Laugh Easily – A New Life Goal? A few weeks ago we went out for supper as a family. We haven’t done this very often since March of 2020. It felt “normal” (whatever “normal” looks like these days) and was an especially fun treat on a random Wednesday night. When we pulled into the restaurant parking lot, John and Abby were talking … Continue reading "Laugh Easily – A New Life Goal?" Family Life Mental Health
September 28, 2022Life Lately: What’s Working (And What’s Not) When I read Katie’s post earlier this week, I had to wonder if she has been brushing up on her mind-reading skills. She wrote about what systems were working well as part of her fall routine and her post came on a day I was drafting my own thoughts on the same topic! I spend … Continue reading "Life Lately: What’s Working (And What’s Not)" Life Organization Productivity