May 19, 2023Casual Friday + My Summer Posting Schedule Conundrum Another week is in the rearview mirror and time keeps marching on. I’m in a several-week stretch of things feeling slightly off-kilter physically and mentally. My body is still trying to sort out new PMS patterns post-ablation (the doctor said it could take 6-12 months for things to stabilize). I ended up crying on a … Continue reading "Casual Friday + My Summer Posting Schedule Conundrum" Casual Friday
May 18, 2023Top Five/Bottom Five: Holiday Edition I’m back with another Top Five/Bottom Five roundup all about holidays. Here in Canada, Monday marks Victoria Day – a celebration of Queen Victoria’s birthday (she died in 1901) – which happens to be the oldest non-religious holiday in the country. Colloquially, we refer to it as the May Long Weekend and it is considered … Continue reading "Top Five/Bottom Five: Holiday Edition" Holidays Random
May 17, 2023Good Habits (And Education) Are Light to Carry Around Many years ago, when I was finishing up my undergraduate degree, I was awarded a research scholarship for post-secondary studies. In September of my final year, I started narrowing down international research programs that caught my fancy and, by December, had plans to move to New Zealand to complete a Ph.D. at the University of … Continue reading "Good Habits (And Education) Are Light to Carry Around" Career Life Time Management
May 16, 2023Spatulas, Scissors, Spoons, and Lip Balm There are never – never! – enough silicone spatulas in my kitchen. Of all the gadgets and appliances I use, spatulas might just be my favourite kitchen tool of them all. I use spatulas constantly; to clean out bowls, stir scrambled eggs in a frying pan, transfer leftovers. We have about 8 spatulas and on … Continue reading "Spatulas, Scissors, Spoons, and Lip Balm" Home Organization
May 15, 2023Would You Rather: The Random Question Edition Back in December, I posted several Christmas-themed Would You Rather polls. It was a lot of fun to create the questions and see what answers trickled in over time. I thought I’d wade back into those waters with a random smorgasbord of Would You Rather questions on this beautiful Monday. Without further ado: This is … Continue reading "Would You Rather: The Random Question Edition" Life Random
May 14, 2023This Mother’s Day: Lessons in the Art of Loving (and Letter Writing) It’s Mother’s Day. Life ended up looking (literally) a bit different than expected this week and I didn’t get around to preparing fresh reflections on motherhood. So I’m going to repost some thoughts from last year because, well, nothing has changed; if anything, I admire my own mother more, continuing to recognize new ways she … Continue reading "This Mother’s Day: Lessons in the Art of Loving (and Letter Writing)" Holidays Memory Maker Parenting Relationships