February 7, 2023The Best $1.99 I Spent in January We were out grocery shopping a few weeks ago when one child presented with a sudden – and overwhelming – need for water. I am not in the habit of bringing drinks along for errands anymore; the kids are old enough to manage these things independently and can typically hold out until we get home. … Continue reading "The Best $1.99 I Spent in January" Money Parenting Random
February 6, 2023It’s Okay, I Know I’m Bad At… Everybody’s good at something, and nobody’s good at everything. Here are a few things I can categorically admit to being “bad” at… Your turn. What’s something you’re “bad” at. What’s something you’re “good” at? What’s something you thought was a character flaw (e.g. a flair for bossiness when you were a kid) that has turned … Continue reading "It’s Okay, I Know I’m Bad At…" Random
February 3, 2023Casual Friday + Little Updates Happy Friday. It has been a good week. We’ve gotten into a predictable (and structured routine) with Levi and he has been able to make it through each day at school. Cue jazz hands. Nights aren’t perfect, but he has been handling all wakings solo. I have slept like a rock every night this week … Continue reading "Casual Friday + Little Updates" Casual Friday
February 2, 2023More Stories from the Mud (And Apiary) People seemed to enjoy my first set of anecdotes from the mudflats, so here are a few more. After I finished my undergrad, I stayed on as a research technician for the summer between graduation and the start of my post-graduate degree. It was a lot of fun – I had multiple years of experience, … Continue reading "More Stories from the Mud (And Apiary)" Life Random Work
February 1, 2023Favourites <> January 2023 January was a rollercoaster of a month; some great days and some not-so-great experiences, too. Such is life. Along the way, I made little notes of things that were making my life easier and/or bringing a smile to my face. Dill pickle hummus I’m a huge fan of dill pickle flavoured…anything. And this hummus is … Continue reading "Favourites <> January 2023" Favourite Things
January 31, 2023Things I Have Tried To Like (But Don’t) Some things, despite my best attempts, remain firmly in my “don’t like” column. I feel like I should enjoy certain foods/experiences because people I know and love enjoy them. But, at a certain point, it’s okay to throw in the towel and say This just ain’t working. *Digression: on numerous occasions over the years I … Continue reading "Things I Have Tried To Like (But Don’t)" Random